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12 February 2003

I am not a pretty person this morning. My throat, while a bit better, is not back to normal. But the cold has now hit full-on, with projectile sneezing. Normally I’m able to stifle a sneeze, but when your throat hurts, the sneeze goes to a different part of your head, it seems, and I have on more than one occasion found myself having to wipe the monitor of the computer after a particular violent sneeze. I am definitely not fit for polite company and decided to stay home again and keep the germs somewhat confined to the house.

I called the office and they could hear from my voice that they didn’t want me there. We agreed I’d take the rest of the week off...and since Monday is also a holiday, I should be just fine by the time Tuesday rolls around.

Oh my–what a difference!!! Dr. G didn’t believe in sick leave. I worked with a fever two days. He brought me a juice drink so I could continue to answer the phone when I had laryngitis. I worked several days all bound up from my accident, when he and/or his wife drove me to I could put in time there. I keep apologizing to the people at my new office for being sick. "Oh yeah–like you did this deliberately," they told me this morning. They are being so darn nice about it, I just can hardly believe it.

When they sent me home from work yesterday, I passed by the supermarket and loaded up on soft comfort foods. Chicken soup. Yogurt. Jello. Anything that was soft or liquid-y looked good to me.

I guess there are two categories of comfort foods. There are those that are literally for comfort (don’t want to be munching potato chips after all those golfers have marched around in your throat). All the foods I bought yesterday definitely met that criteria. All very easy-on-the-throat foods which went down easily and helped to soothe the throat in the process.

I remember when I was sick as a kid I got comfort foods that I never got at other times. Milk toast was a favorite. Toast lathered with butter, cut into cubes, and with warm milk poured over it (a variation was Wonder bread, cut into cubes, sprinkled with sugar, and cold milk poured on it – that was a special treat on late night returns from visiting Grandma in the country, a quick meal before going to bed.) Middle of the night coughs brought glasses of warm milk with a dollop of butter floating on the top of it. And of course, there was always chicken noodle soup or tomato soup with a slice of fresh, soft Wonder bread spread thick with butter, good for dipping in the tomato soup (but those, of course, weren’t limited to only sick times).

There’s something about a comfort food that helps you feel better, even if you have to fix it for yourself.

I took the day off from just about everything today. Climbed into my recliner with my camera at my elbow and my book (Arranged Marriage) in my lap and sat there reading and watching the birds in the yard.

In past years, I have expressed disappointment that we have so few birds in our yard. I don’t know if I just never noticed before or if this is a banner year for birds. Maybe the flicker that Walt has been letting use our house for a bed at night has sent out the word that this is a bird-friendly place.

bluejay.jpg (46988 bytes)

I’d noticed that we seemed to have more birds hanging around the other day, so I went out and bought some bird seed (bird comfort food!).  I couldn’t believe how many birds were flying around today. The flicker was there (or "a" flicker–who knows if it was "the" flicker), along with robins, which I don’t remember seeing in our yard before. There were the always-present jays and little chickadees.

robin.jpg (33873 bytes)

They bathed in the dog water bowl and hopped into the pot where I had the bird seed and flew up into the trees to eat berries that are hanging there, or watch the world from the bare branches of the Chinese pistachio tree.

birdtree.jpg (42422 bytes)

I didn’t get great photos, but I did get photos and it was fun watching them. I think I definitely need to set up a free standing bird feeder at the end of the patio so I can have a legitimate place to put bird feed and watch birds while I sit in my chair during the day.

Either that, or I need to get healthy and get back to work!


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