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7 February 2004

THERE IS NO  ^%^%#$#@#$@#$!  THING AS CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now that we have that established, let me tell you of my frustration. That I haven’t had a heart attach, a stroke, or some other cardiovascular "incident" today is a miracle.

I don’t want much. I just want to be able to create/edit a nice web page for my cousin.

I have had the shell up for a long time, but went to do the editing last night to put it into final format.

The first thing that is driving me over the edge is this $%&^*& "security warning" that comes up every time you click on ANYTHING.

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The fact that I’m blind and that they’ve hidden their link to HTML editing under about fifty bazillion things means that I get this goddamn security warning roughly every 10 seconds, just trying to get to the right page. But then when you finally get to the HTML editing page you are presented with a list of pages you want to edit, you choose one and get the flippin’ security warning again. You click it AGAIN for the 20th time in 10 seconds and it brings up a the page you want to edit.

Now you would think that things would go swimmingly from there, right?

You would be wrong.

I don’t know what IDIOT designed this edit page, but it has sliders on the right and sliders down below. The text I’m trying to edit is on the right side of the bottom paragraph. I slide the slider down to the bottom. So far so good. Then I pick up the left hand slider and as I move it, the goddamn slider on the right pops up to the TOP again. There is NO WAY to use both sliders. You have to use the laborious up-and-down arrows.

So finally I get the page edited and I click "Preview."

Up pops the goddamn security warning again. I click that, preview the page, click the "back" button to return to the screen where I can publish the page and I get the f###ing security warning again.

I swear the Department of Homeland Security has hijacked AT&T’s web page publishing page. I expect someone from the state department to show up at my front door and take me into custody for trying to access so much secure information.  (I even checked my internet options and it looks like I have those security warnings turned off.)

Well, I worked at it and worked at it and tried not to scream TOO loudly (I was not always successful), and in the end, I had a web site that worked, except for the counter. Naturally there is no EASY way to just edit the counter.

Through trial and error, I discovered I could set up a NEW counter, but it involved setting up the front web page all over again, which I did. That only involved about 20 different security screens to get past. But AT&T screwed with my code, so I had to go back and edit it all again. More security screens.

Finally I had a working counter. Three of them, in fact. More editing. More security. More screaming.  Now I have a counter that apparently everyone can see, except my cousin.  It shows the increasing number for me and for everyone I asked to check it--but my cousin still sees only a zero.  What THAT is about, I'm not even going to try to guess.  I assume it has something to do with cgi visibility but I don't even know where to start solving that problem.

The last task is one that is more complicated. The site is called Carolyn’s Corners and my cousin registered "" You can supposedly easily link your vanity URL to your web site at the time you design the web site on ATT. Unfortunately we now have the web site designed and I can’t figure out how to get "carolyn’s" to point to . The only alternative: ask a customer service rep.



It would be easier to ask Osama bin Laden.

I can find FAQs and I can find "more FAQs" and I can find a note that says that if you have further technical questions you could ask "Personal Web Pages at" Well, the logical thing would be to write to "," wouldn’t you think?


That address yields an undeliverable message. But it is the ONLY FRIGGING ADDRESS LISTED ON THE WEB SITE!!!!

So if ANYBODY knows how to link a vanity URL to there’s a prize in it for you. I don’t know what, but it would be worth SOMETHING to me to find out how to do this f###ing thing.

(I don’t think I’ve used so many expletives, deleted or otherwise, in an entry before!!!)

(Don’t hold back, Bev...tell us how you really feel).

(I did finally get around the counter problem, at least.  I installed a second counter--an Extreme Tracking counter, which will give her the counts, plus the ability to track where the hits are coming from.  Give her a thrill, especially if you're in a foreign country, check on Carolyn's Corners just to run the counter up!  While you're at it, check out the web site for Settlers Run Farm Stay, which I also finished up yesterday, and added an Extreme Tracker counter to!))


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A sample of the marble that's going to be in my new bathroom.
I think I'm in love with the guy who's going to make this a reality!

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