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Far away there in the sunshine are my highest aspirations.  I may not reach them but I can look up and see their beauty, believe in them, and try to follow them.

~ Louisa May Alcott

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5 February 2004

Well, you know how everybody tells you that things are "just like riding a bicycle" and that it all comes back.

I figured that would be how it was going back to Curves.

Not quite.

For starters, I was having some post-massage soreness. Marta worked long and hard on my shoulder and while I can feel more mobility in the shoulder and less pain doing some things, she also pressed quite hard on some areas and those are tender. Likewise, people have told me for years that I am very tense, and she worked on the tension in my neck and back–and again, while the muscles are better, the skin is a bit tender.

At least that’s how I’m defining what I’m feeling.

Still, I had made a commitment to go back to Curves today. I worked at the office for an extra 45 minutes rather than leave work on time and have to kill time before I met my friend to start the Curves program all again.

At the prescribed time, I showed up at Curves and discovered lots of things have changed in the interim. There are two new machines in the circle, for one thing. For another thing, people now go anti-clockwise, instead of clockwise ("anti-clockwise" is a term used by Mrs. Peel in her final appearance in The Avengers, and it always sounds more classy than "counter-clockwise.")

I discovered very soon that I had been wise not to go back to Curves too soon. I definitely could not do the arm machines with my left arm. But I figured that I would just not use the left arm on those machines and it would be OK.

The squat machine is particular bad because while you aren’t exactly using your arms, there is a heavy weight on your shoulders -- and you can’t have it rest on only one shoulder. I figured 30 seconds wouldn’t be too bad. It wasn’t.

It’s awkward only using one arm, I’ll have to admit, but I did do it. But toward the end of my third time around the circle, even though I wasn’t using my arm, the muscles were starting to cry out for mercy.

Before my accident, I was going to Curves every day, though they only suggest you come 3 days a week. I’m definitely not going to start going every day. But I will go back on Friday and give it another try. I found when I left, all sweaty and feeling sore for the very first time since I first registered at Curves, I really felt pretty good otherwise. I hadn’t had a good cardio workout in 7 months and it felt good to have done it.

It was such a lovely day that if I weren’t feeling so sore, I might have gone for a bike ride, but I figured I’d abused my body enough for a couple of days, and so I came home to vegetate.

Not entirely, though. It was David’s birthday and we decided to go have sushi. We didn’t do anything special on Paul’s birthday, because I was reviewing a show that night. But both liked sushi, so that seemed appropriate.

I remember the year that we decided to take Paul to Osaka Sushi for dinner. The four of us went – Paul, whose birthday was 1/28, Dave, whose birthday was 2/4, myself, with a 2/17 birthday and Walt with a 2/26 birthday.

We had such a good time that the following week we went back to celebrate Dave’s birthday.

By that time, Paul had caught the eye of one of the waitresses whom he thought was kinda cute, so we went back the next week for my birthday, and the following week for Walt’s.

By the fourth week, we were all pretty much "sushi’d out" and I think we all had something cooked instead of something raw that week...and we never did see the waitress again, but that was our big sushi month and it was kind of nice to be back there again this year. I just wish there had been four of us, instead of two.

Yay, Massachusetts!!!


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