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27 December 2004

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The one thing I've been worried about where Christmas was concerned was how Sheila would behave.  It's one reason I started her with a trainer before Christmas instead of waiting until after the first of the year.  She's never been around a whole house full of people and with the confusion, the foods, the noise, and the commotion, I really wondered how she would act.

I am pleased to report that she was amazing.  She was excited when each person came to the door but I kept her on the leash and after trying to jump a couple of times and be pulled back, she would wiggle her butt excitedly and jump up into air, but she didn't try to jump on anybody.

When I brought out the hors d'oeuvres I wondered if I'd have to ride constant herd on her or not.  She immediately sniffed in the direction of the coffee table. 

"LEAVE IT," I told her and by golly, she didn't make a move to touch anything on the table all night!  I didn't tempt her by leaving food on the coffee table when we went in to dinner, but I was absolutely thrilled--and amazed--that the table laden  with food easily within her reach presented no problem.

She was interested in everyone and wanted lots of petting, but she also quieted down and lay quietly under people's feet most of the time.  When she started getting restless, I gave her a little toy Santa to chew on and she was perfectly happy.

As for how the rest of the day went, it was nice.  A quiet breakfast, just Walt and me, and then the afternoon getting ready for the onslaught of the crowd.  My mother arrived early and helped out. 

XmasTable.jpg (61590 bytes)Despite the fact that the soup bowls I was so pleased to put out for the first time didn't get used because Laurel and Tom forgot to bring the soup they had made to share with us, the table still looked lovely, and my crew of lighting technicians fixed the lighting ambience just right.

Dinner was huge but turned out nicely.  Every year production of the meal becomes a community event.  I prepared the stuffing and the 25 lb turkey (my yearly gift from the psychiatrist), Ned mashed the potatoes, Walt's brother Norm made the gravy, Tom fixed his special green beans, and Walt carved the turkey while the others took turns serving, and everybody did exceptionally well on the eating part of it!

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We ate until we could no longer move, and then my mother, Tom's wife and I cleaned up the first wave of dishes so we could go and open packages. 

Years ago, we suffered from an embarrassment of riches.  There were so many packages under the tree that you could barely move--and so many of them were silly gag gifts that people would just throw away or give away.  But as the years have passed, we are now much more realistic and each person had a handful of gifts to open, but nothing extraordinary.  It seemed to be a media year.  Several people got one or more DVDs or CDs, and I even got the soundtrack to Avenue Q twice.

By the time all the packages were opened, dinner had settled just enough to leave room for pumpkin pie and so that was passed around and finally we all waddled either to our cars or to our beds.  I doubt that anybody had visions of sugarplums dancing in their heads--we were all too stuffed to think about any more food!

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This was my personal favorite gift that I got everyone--the t-sirts.


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