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106th:   Set not yourself at the upper end of the table; but if it be your due or that the master of the house would have it so, contend not, least you should trouble the company.

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My person bought me this great toy with an "ultrasonic" squeaker that only I can hear.  I loved it--and it tasted good 30 minutes later when I tore it up.  I hope she buys me more expensive toys like this.

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CHRISTMAS LETTER.  Once again, I've posted our Christmas letter on the Internet.  It may not be as personal as holding it in your hand--but it's a lot prettier on the net! 


11 December 2004

It was an innocent enough e-mail from Ellen.  It said, simply:

Did you see the article in The Enterprise about Daviswiki?

I checked out the web site and found the first paragraph, which said

Welcome to the brand new community wiki for Davis, California. This project is an interconnected community effort to explore, discuss and compile anything and everything Davis — especially the little, enjoyable things.

The site seemed to be a place for people to put up personal web pages, and to record all things Davis, all of which are linked to each other.  I suppose you'll have to go to it and check it out to get the full flavor.  Each page is public and anybody can edit any page.

Well...is this up my alley or what?

I immediately made a personal page for myself (before I'd even looked through most of the rest of the site).  Then I started tweaking and adding, and putting up pages for things like the theatre groups in town, the dog park, Dr. G,  and other things that seemed to be missing.

It inspired me to dive into my old photo files and pick out pictures that would go with specific pages that had already been created, but didn't have photos (like a picture of the inside of our brand new Mondavi Hall, and photos of Gay Pride Day--someone else had already designed a page for that.). 

Ellen asked me to put up a page for the upcoming Holiday Meals (the free meal that the Davis Co-Op puts on for any citizen in town who needs a holiday meal or who doesn't have anybody else to spend the holidays with--I'll be working at the meal on Christmas Eve).  I added that to the Events Page.

She also asked me to put up a page for Marriage Equality California.

Davis Wiki has a page for "recent updates" and for awhile all of the updates seemed to be from me. 

There is a special page for "downtown stories," so I included a photo of the performing area on the E-Street Plaza which was dedicated to Paul and wrote the story of that dedication.  (I couldn't find my pictures of the plaque on the plaza, unfortunately.)

I'm also going to start suggesting to people my own age that they check out the site.  It's a great way to find out what there is in town.  In fact, yesterday morning Marta called me to ask if I knew where a particular shop was in Davis.   I immediately called up Davis Wiki and was able not only to give her the address of the shop, but also the hours and the phone number.

It's a brand new time-waster for me, which I sorely needed, of course.   But I really like the concept--and heck, when have I ever turned down the opportunity to design a web page?

It's also inspired me to get out my camera and go photograph "things Davis."  The guy who seems to run it says that he's looking for photos and that the problem with a lot of the photos is that people are loading pictures which are too big.  He was happy that my photos were more reasonably sized. 

But there are a lot of "photographic" things in Davis that could be added to the site and I know that I'm going to start going around town with camera in hand with an eye for what would look good on Davis Wiki.

The day after my blitz on Davis Wiki, a note appeared on my own page, which says:

I'm really glad to see someone on here who's not in the 18-25 age range and is a long-term resident of Davis. Welcome!

I thought the writer must at least be close to my age range, but he looks like he's in his late 20s.

This morning I looked through the very long list of people who have participated in the project, and discovered that I'm not only old enough to be the mother of every single person on the list, I'm probably old enough to be the grandmother to 95% of them!

This explains, of course, why the bulk of the pages are about dormitories, co-ops, coffee houses, roller blading, and local bands and why someone questioned whether "theatres" should be listed under "night life" because "they start at 7 p.m. or something."  Like all us doddering oldsters can't stay awake long enough to qualify for participating in "night life."

But this is supposed to be a Davis interconnected site, which represents all of Davis, right?  Or so it says.   So I'm hoping that the thing will grow and that more of us senior citizens (or heck, even someone older than thirty would be nice!) will start adding to it. 

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TRAINING REPORT: Things are looking up...Today I had the best walk I've had with Sheila in 6 months.  She walked right by my side on a slack leash.  There's hope!


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