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6 December 2004

The woman at the head of the ticket line, for some reason, was talking to the ticket seller about a gynelogical procedure.  The women standing behind her in line, many of whom were gynecology nurses, began debating the issue and what the woman should do--and why.

I said to my friend Barb, with whom I was standing (who is herself a gyn nurse) that this was probably the only ticket line you'd ever find where you could get gynecology tips at the same time. 

We both laughed.

I thought to myself that the incident would make a great start for a journal entry--and it kind of does.

I had a lot of things on my list to do and I had Sheila with me.  I was racing around town trying to make a deadline because I was supposed to be meeting my mother at a specific time.

A lot of things happened that I don't quite remember, which is strange because I kept thinking "I'll have to put this in my journal," so I'm surprised that I remember so little.  But I was suddenly called back to life when two gigantic paws landed on the middle of my stomach.

It was 6:30 a.m., Sheila was hungry, I'd fallen asleep in the recliner again, and all of it--the ticket line, the errands, and everything else had been a dream.

Now my question is:  am I too obsessed with this journal when I'm monitoring things that happen in my dreams as possible journal material?

It was a strange night.  I fell asleep while watching Animal Planet's "50 Greatest Movie animals," and fell asleep at #3, while waiting for the following program, on rescuing chimpanzees, to come on.  I woke up around 2:30 and they were rerunning the exact same program and I woke up when they were announcing #2 of the 50 greatest movie animals.  My nap came between a couple of nice parentheses.   (#1 was Toto...I didn't realize that the dog had made his debut in a movie with Shirley Temple)

Unfortunately, then I couldn't get back to sleep, so I watched a movie about a prison inmate training a horse (Big Spender), then I was going to get up and check e-mail.  As soon as I lowered the foot rest on the recliner I heard "THUMP" from upstairs.  Sheila had been sleeping on my bed and heard the sound of the footrest being lowered (like Snoopy hears a knife going  through cake) and assumed that I was (a) awake and (b) going to feed her.

I quickly raised the footrest again and ducked my head under the blanket, pretending to be sleeping.  She stood at the foot of the recliner for a long time and then I felt a toy being dropped in my lap.   She finally decided I wasn't going to wake up, so she tried to wake Kimba up.   Kimba also wasn't ready to play.  Eventually Sheila settled down again and I was finally able to get back to sleep.  That's when I had all those dreams.

So no, I didn't stand in line to get tickets and give gynecological information or any of the other stuff.  But what we did do yesterday was to see The Incredibles, which is a fun movie.  Animation these days is just so amazing.  I noticed on the credits at the end that they had a whole crew just for the "hair" animation.  Funny, but I remember thinking while watching the movie how life-like the hair was--kind of like the fur on the monster in Monsters, Inc., lying in the snow with the wind blowing over him.  That was the most amazing animation I'd seen in a long time--I notice the little things like that.  We've almost reached the point where it's getting difficult to tell the animated characters from the live ones (especially given some of the latest crop of teen idol heartthrobs, who all look somewhat cartoon-like).

The Incredibles went on a bit long, I thought--but that was catering to the "blow up the world and make it look spectacular" crowd.  In spite of that, I enjoyed it a lot.  Now I want to see Polar Express for a quieter kind of animation.

We also went to the gym yesterday afternoon.  My knee wasn't feeling too bad, despite a moment when I uttered an involuntary shriek when I turned wrong going from a closet to the kitchen and felt it "give," so I decided I'd try the treadmill again.  I couldn't do my usual 3 mph but stuck to a more stately pace--and then felt inferior when the guy next to me began running on his machine.  Show-off.  But I did put in 15 minutes, by which time I decided the knee had had enough.

It was kind of cool.  I'd forgotten to bring a headset so I could listen to the TVs that are in the treadmill area, so I grabbed a copy of The New Yorker to read.  In it was a review of "Reckless," a play we saw when we were there.  It was really neat to be reading a review in The New Yorker of a play I'd seen in its previews.

I did some upper body stuff and then sat and read a magazine while waiting for Walt to finish up.  I notice that when I do things that require a lot of pulling of my shoulder muscles that the "bad" shoulder (which really isn't so bad any more) clicks when it gets to a certain point.   I probably will never be "normal" in that shoulder again.

I am also giving up hope of ever having a "normal" knee again.  The doctor really doesn't have much to offer by way of suggestions.  The numbness will only wear off in time--perhaps not for years.  I don't know what's causing the "full" feeling, there is some occasional point tenderness from the arthritis, and the back of the knee still feels the effect of varicose veins.  That's a lot of stuff going on in one knee!

It makes me wonder if taking up biking was worth it!  In the long run, yes, it was.  I loved the year and a half that I felt like I was really doing something athletic, but this knee business is the pits.  My friend Cindy borrowed my bike months ago and I haven't even missed it--and that makes me sad.



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A "cute" picture of Steve from the Cal Poly Concert
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This was taken from the video that I made.


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