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George Washington's
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7th:   Put not off your clothes in the presence of others, nor go out your chamber half dressed.

Washington apparently never went skinny dipping and would be appalled at hot tubs!

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Maybe if I look cute enough, these guys will give me a snack.

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The good news is that Marn is OK; her computer just died.  But I received an email from her yesterday.


30 August 2004

There was so much happening today that I’m going to make two entries out of it--one today, one tomorrow.

The day started inauspiciously enough, with our trip to the dog park, a bit later today because I got involved working on a PhotoShop project.  It was a good day, with other dogs to play with and Sheila wore herself out.  We finally tore ourselves away and trudged back up the hill to the car.  Sheila was really panting and walking very slowly. 

We got in the car, I put the key in the ignition and turned it.  Nothing happened.   It absolutely would not start--not even a "click."  I've been having some problems with my key in the doors lately, so I hoped that was the problem, but there we were with no cell phone, both of us already exhausted, and we had to walk home.

Jeri was already antsy because we were scheduled to go to a barbeque in Berkeley--so she could see all the people she hasn't yet seen, since she leaves on Tuesday.  Walt rode his bike down to the car and it started just fine, so we figured that it was, indeed my key.

We got on the road immediately and arrived at the Berkeley Aquatic Park to meet the group.

AP-group.jpg (73605 bytes)

This is a group of "kids" (they'll always be "kids" to me) who have been friends since high school (Jeri is out here for her 20th high school reunion).  They were all involved with the band Lawsuit and most of them are now married and on their second babies.  I remember when gatherings of this group involved lots of drinking, making silly movies, and doing the things that kids do.

AP-Jerigrp.jpg (106432 bytes)Now the activities involve playing with the next generation of kids.  The little kids are all adorable, of course and it's always fun seeing how much they enjoy Jeri when she shows up.  She especially has a good friendship with Josie (the blonde at the left), who raced across the park to tackle Jeri when we arrived.

Walt went off to get some food to cook for us and Jeri and I settled in.   I have to admit it was not a comfortable afternoon for me.  I had two choices.   It was going to be 100 in Davis and I never thought to bring a jacket...and there was fog offshore, so the winds were cold.  I could either sit on the picnic table bench, in the shade, or I could walk around in the sun.  Most people were either sitting on the ground or in folding chairs.  This is a "knee won't bend" day, so I knew I couldn't get to the ground and, sadly, I am once again too heavy for a folding chair.  Even the sturdiest there had a warning about the maximum weight limit, which was significantly lower than my weight.  So I spent most of the time sitting in the shade, away from all the conversation, shivering, and taking photos with the telephoto lens.

AP-Clara.jpg (62532 bytes)

Walt took forever to get back.  We were wondering where in the world he had gone for food, when suddenly he appeared--no bags in hand.  He had gone to the supermarket, bought $40 worth of food, got in the car and guess what?   The car wouldn't start.

Adrian got his car and drove Walt back to the supermarket (quite a hike from the park, so Walt had been walking for a very long time).  The car did start and he drove back to pick me up, but Jeri's luggage was locked in the trunk, I didn't have my keys with me, and the only way to get Jeri's baggage out was to turn off the motor again.   We decided that since he was there and hadn't eaten and since the motor was off anyway, he might as well get some lunch and then we'd see if the motor would start.

We had just settled back with the group again, when Ned came racing up and said "Mom--where's your camera?  Dan just hit his head."  He raced off with the camera.  Dan (one of the older "kids," who used to be a percussionist with Lawsuit, had run into a pole or something and it didn't sound too serious, but then reports kept filtering back from the playground.  Marta decided her massage therapist training didn't qualify her to assess Dan's condition.  About then Drucker and his wife arrived and, by luck, Drucker's wife is a physician, so she went off to check Dan.

Next thing I know, they are calling for a paramedic to take Dan to the hospital.  A fire engine, paramedic truck and a police car arrived.  It was a much photographed event

Dan1.jpg (66167 bytes)

Dan2.jpg (78345 bytes)

Dan3.jpg (68630 bytes)

While this was going on, the rest of the group assembled on the grass to watch, while K.C. was giving Ned instructions on what photos to take.  I'm sure Dan will be so glad to have this minute-by-minute account of his accident.

ambulance.jpg (74076 bytes)

While they were watching the show, I was noticing a sign which is posted on the fence of the playground:

sign.jpg (65828 bytes)
(we decided that you shouldn't be over 35
to use the little kids' play equipment!)

When all the excitement was over, it was time for us to try to get back to Davis.  We had an event to attend, which started at 5 p.m. (about which I will write tomorrow--it was an amazing happening).  Thank goodness, the car started and we made it home all right.  We had to stop for gas, but Walt left the engine running while he filled the tank.

It was 100 in our carport when we got out of the car.

I finally wasn't cold any more.

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How about an Australian view of the Bush Administration.



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I promised Jessica this photo would be on my journal!



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