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22 August 2004

...so we sat in the house all this hot, hot, wet day...

with apologies to Dr. Seuss

It's a good thing we had no plans to go anywhere today because it was hot, muggy, and very wet. Phyllis and I got out before anybody else and went to the store to get fixings for blueberry pancakes, chocolate pancakes (special request of Karen), and ingredients for our taco party in the evening. (I discovered it was almost impossible to find ground cumin--there were only two containers in the entire store--and it was impossible to find fresh tortillas. I knew I wasn't in California any more!)

Once we got home, we were in for the day, and lucky thing too, because we had several heavy storms roll through here, drenching the deck. I have noticed the same phenomenon here that I did when I stayed in Houston a few years back--the constant humidity leaves my skin a lot softer, mostly because it sweats so much!

Today was "altered book day," and in groups of two or three we took our turn down in the craft room working on a multitude of book projects, enjoying wine, and getting to know Phyllis better.

By the end of the afternoon, we had really accomplished a lot, I had learned a lot more about the varities of things you can use for this craft project, we'd had a break for lunch during which time Mary made notes on what our next project should be, and I'd offered to host the next gathering at Lake Tahoe. A fairly productive day!

But it wasn't over by a long shot. Now it was time to prepare for dinner. Phyllis had invited several friends who are not in the altered book group, but who live in the area and we prepared a do-it-yourself taco feast. My job was to make guacamole, since I seemed to be the only one who knew how.

Someone brought fixings for Margaritas, including the glasses to put them in, the salt for the rim, and the citrus slices. It's always nice to know someone who travels fully equipped!

Drinks and munchies were served as the guests began to arrive, bringing our total number to about 14.

We offered a toast to those who were there, and those who were unable to come, or who were no longer around, and also toasted an anniversary, and Phyllis' birthday. All sorts of good reasons to celebrate.

I met lovely people at this party, including a woman from Sao Paulo who has lived here about 16 years. We compared Brasil stories, and I briefly tested out my long unused Portuguese. I also met a woman who is a deaf signer for musical events. I've always been fascinated by people who do that work and enjoyed picking her brains to find out how she approaches a project.

There was too much food, including one of the most delicious cheesecakes I've ever eaten, lots of laughter, and just a good, relaxing evening.

Tomorrow most of the group will head off in various directions to return to their homes. Me? I'll be meeting my friend Ron for lunch and then spending a quiet evening at home here with Phyllis and her family before packing up to start the long treck back to California on Monday afternoon.



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