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4 September 2003

I spent today I doing very last minute things, like going to the cleaners to pick up the pants I'm going to wear on the plane, assembling toiletries to take with me on the flight, mailing off last minute bills that need to be paid before I return, and signing blank checks for those which will come in while I'm gone.

I called DCN to shut down my e-mail account as of Friday (so anybody who wants to write to me will have to use my trip address, which is bevsinoz at yahoo dot com, because anything sent to my current address will bounce). I also spent some time switching all my yahoogroups to "no e-mail" and will try to check them periodically on line.

This morning I had breakfast with Mrs. G (who has become a good friend, in spite of her husband), getting caught up on all sorts of gossip and hearing the office news (Replacement #2's last day is next week; the interview process for Replacement #3 is underway). She brought me a lovely going-away gift, of a scented travel candle in a leather case. (I don't think I'll be lighting it on the plane, though!)

In addition, (I keep saying this--but I'm reaching saturation very soon) I put the last bits into my suitcase (the aforementioned candle and Palm Pilot software) and managed to get all 60 lbs of it downstairs all by myself. Yay me (I'm obviously healing). Now have to decide about what goes in my carry-on, and whether I'm going to take paperbacks or that hardback copy of "The DaVinci Code" which Marta just loaned me that I've been wanting to read for months--but do I really want to carry a hardback?

I also cleaned out my wallet, down to just the basic credit cards that I might be using. Details...details...details, but all important. I still have to make a xerox copy of my passport.

Late this afternoon, I logged onto the Singapore Airlines web site for the first time in a long time. You can check on upcoming flights up to four days in advance, so I was finally able to check on the flight, learn I'm on a Boeing 777-200 airplane, and look at the amenities in the cabin.

Holy cow. You know--I'm bringing the palm pilot, book(s), and all these CDs to keep me occupied, but there are enough movies being shown that I can just about watch movies from here to Perth and never run out. The biggie is Whale Rider which Walt and I tried to see the other day, but the line was too long. It's one of the in-flight selections this month. As is Bruce Almighty, Matrix Revisited (not too interested in that one--maybe I'll sleep to that), The Italian Job, Daddy Day Care, Finding Nemo, The In-Laws (which is on my Netflix queue), Confidence, People I Know, Shine, The Quiet American, and some Chinese movies. That's in addition to 35 Nintendo games (I've never played Nintendo), and a selection of TV programs that were not listed.

Not only that, but the last time I was in a plane with TV sets in the seat ahead of you (Virgin Air to London), they were teeny screens--but look at the size of these babies!

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(photo from Singapore Air's 360 panorama)

So I'm starting to get excited, not only about the trip itself, but about the fight as well. It looks like it could be fun.

Tonight we went to the last farmers market before I leave. By the time I return, the Wednesday night dinners will have ended until next spring. We enjoyed a lovely TriTip sandwich and sat there listening to a small musical combo which sounded for all the world like the very first band Paul was in, back in high school: The Heffalumps.

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I've now checked off another day. Only two more left and very little left to do for the trip. Very soon now I can stop boring everyone who is still hanging in there and reading this journal about travel plans and start talking about my impression of Australia (I'm sure there is a huge sigh of relief from people reading this!)

I'm a bazongabooster.gif (5125 bytes) are you?


If something anticipated arrives too late it finds us numb, wrung out from waiting, and we feel -- nothing at all. The best things arrive on time.

~ Dorothy Gilmann

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