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30 October 2003

Nothing ever goes according to plan, right?


Got a call from the owner of the computer place, who said that so many upgrades needed to be made to my XP upgrade (which I never installed 3 years ago) that it would take a very long time...and also, they discovered five major viruses on the system (which surprised me, since I run a virus check every night).

We discussed "the problem" and agreed that the best/cheapest thing to do was to get a new tower and start from scratch. So, I'm getting a new computer.

I will still be able to use my old hard drive but the new computer will already have XP installed, will be virus-free, and will cause a lot fewer problems.

The only problem, of course, is that it will take another week before they get it (this is not a store....they special order equipment).

But ultimately it won't cost me more than I had been quoted originally, and I will have a computer that won't have the glitches I've been dealing with, so, other than being disappointed at having to wait (and being very grateful for having a laptop!), I think I'm basically happier with this new arrangement.

So what do you do when you have no 24/7 internet connection, when you have to go back to sharing a phone line? Well...I (gulp)....clean.

With this new lengthy wait until I get my system, I'm really trying to get my officed organized into a working office. But it ain't easy.

When you start where I'm starting, the thing just snowballs. You can't do x, y, z, until you do 1, 2, 3, and when you do 1, 2, 3, it makes you realize that it would be easier if you did a, b, c as well. So that's how it's gone today. I've thrown away a lot and it seems that the more I throw away, the more ruthless I'm able to get. I've cleared the floor in my office, removed three bags of garbage and a big box of books (do I really need a 3" thick book about Word Perfect for DOS?)

But as things start to be cleaned and organized, I see how much better they could be organized. That Aussie woman has ruined my life. I got to sit in an office where things are in such order that when you need to find something you know where to look.

I want that kind of office!

So, the plan tomorrow is to continue the attack on my office, throwing away things I haven't looked at in 10 years (which is most of my office, in all honesty!). Then, when I get all that crap moved out, the next step is to start organizing what's left, and, if necessary, go buy "stuff" to put stuff in.

One big problem with all of this is that I have this overwhelming desire to move things upstairs to our "big room," which is the "overflow" room. I'd like to organize a lot of books up there, but to do that means throwing away things, and Walt always gets very twitchy when I talk about making a major assault on that room. Also, I'm not real good about carrying heavy things these days, which also makes it difficult.

But I am determined that I'm going to get this office set up so that I can actually start a project by sitting down at the computer, not by spending the first hour looking for things. I want to know where the backup disks for programs are. I want to know where the graphics disks are. I want all the manuals in one place. I want all the spec for the computer in one place. I want it all.

Well, it's going to take "5-7 days" to get my new tower, so I'd better get serious about this. I've now tossed out enough that I can get to things I haven't been able to touch in years, so it's time for all those spiders who have been living in the corners to take notice that they are about to be evicted.

I tend to start stuff like this and never carry through with it. But I won't have any frivolous internet stuff to distract me this time, so there is a fighting chance that I might actually get something significant done.

If nothing else, it will keep me from going into withdrawal symptoms on learning that my desktop won't be here for another week.

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