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29 October 2003

Nope. No computer yet.

But I'm taking that as a hopeful sign.

Today I got a call from the owner of the company (the one with whom I had done all my communication before encountering Grumpy Tech Guy yesterday). He told me they encountered problems installing XP, which required them to reinstall the old hard drive to do the upgrade...time consuming stuff.

Then when they began to do the compatibility check, the machine crashed. It sounded like a scene out of ER, as he said it crashed repeatedly (I had visions of someone running through the office with a "crash cart"!)

They discovered several little problems on the hard drive (which doesn't surprise me at all, since I knew I hadn't done things properly in installing/uninstalling programs and all the other fiddling around I've been doing with the machine since I've had it).

Upshot is that it is all taking longer than usual.

Are we surprised?

But it sounds like they are doing it all right and that the machine will be working better when I get it back here.

(I do so have an active fantasy life!!)

However, on suggestion from Jim, I asked about the RAM and he said they'd managed to get the computer to recognize all 512K of RAM. Yay, Baby!!

I'm getting anxious to see how this is all going to go. In theory I should once again have the computer of my dreams, with a hard drive impossible to fill up (how I innocently thought that when I bought this machine with its 20 gig hard drive). For one brief moment, I will be able to go through the Quicktime tutorials for PhotoShop which Peggy gave me, begin using some of these terrific new graphics programs, and start putting together the umpteen slide shows that will ultimately tell both the story of my Australia trip and Tom & Laurel's wedding.

In the afternoon, I had an appointment with Cindy to get started making a crown for the tooth I broke just before I left the country. Once again I marveled that she could chisel away half my mouth without my feeling so much as a twinge of pain.

I also told her that when she's ready to start biking with me again, to let me know.

In the evening, Dr. G called to ask if I could come in to the office at 7 a.m. on Monday because a technician is coming and his new office manager can't be there then.

You'll be happy to hear I told him no.

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