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27 October 2003

There is Someone whose eyes will roll on hearing that I forgot to take my battery recharger with me to Santa Barbara.

In the past this hasn't really been a problem. I have three sets of rechargable batteries, which is usually enough to get me through most photo taking occasions. But now I have two cameras and this was, after all, a Wedding Weekend.

There was the rehearsal, the rehearsal dinner, the set-up, and the wedding itself. By the time the wedding was winding down, I was on my last shot on the Casio secure digital card, and had used up all of the batteries.

So there were no photos of the post-wedding brunch (other than those that were taken with the left-over wedding cameras that were on all the reception tables and hadn't been finished up yet).

It's too bad I forgot the charger, because I could have showed you how the air was thick and brown with all the smoke from the fires burning in San Diego and Ventura and points south, so thick in spots that it was difficult to see the hills that were right near the road.

I could have showed you the fires burning on Cuesta Grade, as we went out of San Luis Obispo. As fires go, I suppose this was a baby one, and no homes were threatened (yet), but the flames had already burned a good portion of the dried grass on the hill and there were many firefighters working on trying to keep it from spreading, while the flames moved up the hill and shot many feet into the air. It was hot and smoky as we drove past. It would have made a great photo, but I didn't have any batteries.

I'm sorry I wasn't able to share with you the sight of the Monterey Burger we had at the Tabacchi Coffey [sic] Shop in King City. It was so huge it was almost impossible to wrap my mouth around it. And the curley fries that came with it was enough for three people. I would have shown you, but I didn't have any batteries for my camera.

I would have shared with you the sight of bumper to bumper traffic, three lanes across, as far as the eye can see, fortunately going in the other direction, somewhere out of King City. I was thinking how nice it was in Perth that "rush hour" didn't begin to match this...and how glad I was that we were heading in the light direction. I could have shown you what I was talking about, but there were no charged batteries in my camera.

I could have taken artsy fartsy photos of the water canal carrying water from the mountains down to LA, when we stopped at a fast food place in the middle of nowhere along I-5 so Walt could get something to drink. Walt got stuck with the brunt of the driving. I tried to drive but only lasted an hour and couldn't keep my eyes opened--probably the aftermath of 3 nights with no sleep finally catching up with me.

But we stopped at a Jack in the Box and when we were leaving, it was dusk and the light shimmering off the water was beautiful. It would have made a nice photo, but I had no usable camera at the time.

We dropped Walt's mother off at home and then came here, to find a hungry Kimba waiting for us, along with 6 days worth of mail, which Walt thought he had put a hold before we left.

I'm trying to get unpacked, get clothes in the washing machine, get photos transferred off of the SmartMedia and Secure Digital cards....

....and get the batteries recharged.

Stop rolling your eyes, you.

Today's Photo

Photo of Tom and Laurel through wine glasses

The photo will be lovely, I'm sure, but the set-up sure looked funny!.

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