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26 October 2003

The air was thick with the smell of the smoke carried by the Santa Ana winds from the Cucamonga/Ventura fires as we sat on the deck at Derf's Cafe in Santa Barbara, trying to decide what to order for brunch.

I ordered "Santa Barbara's best eggs benedict," being pulled in by the hype on the menu. There is no truth in advertising. The English muffin was not toasted and the yellow sauce on the top (the teensy amount) had no flavor--it wasn't hollandaise, for sure. But it filled the hole.

This was such a great way to wrap up the whole event. Tom and Laurel had spent last night in a hotel but were there, getting ready to leave for their honeymoon in Hawaii tomorrow morning (since they fly from Santa Barbara to San Francisco, with luck the smoke which is shutting down flights and delaying flights out of Los Angeles won't affect them).

This was the last chance for all the family to get together before people started leaving for their respective homes.

During the brunch, some guy from Puerto Rico decided to join our group with his family. We'd never seen him before, but he became very happy and expansive. (At one point he confessed he'd stolen a hubcap the night before). When he discovered that this was a wedding celebration, he went out and returned to give Tom and Laurel a handful of lollipops and 3 CDs (one of Romantic Songs, one of the soundtrack to a James Bond movie...we wondered if he'd stolen them out of some car!)

Before the brunch, we sat around listening to a CD which Ned made at Walt's mother's 90th birthday party. It's nice to have professionals in the family. With all the equipment at his dispoasal, Ned put together an amazing, hilarious record of the day, which had us all in stitches.

We came back to Alice Nan's house via the Men's Warehouse, where Walt dropped off his rented tux, and via Tom & Laurel's house to pick up Jeri's suitcase and some avocados from their tree.

I had not been able to sleep at all last night, so really crashed when we hit the house, told everyone that they could talk, laugh, play music, watch TV or whatever, but I was going to sleep...and sleep I did for 2 hrs. I woke up feeling almost human. Almost.

We had a last dinner out at Chili's, came home to listen to the CD again (since Jeri hadn't had a chance to hear it yet), and are now getting ready for sleep yet again.

Tomorrow we head out first thing in the morning for our treck home. We will be back to Davis by the time of the next journal entry.

Today's Photo

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On display at the wedding were photos of the grandparents' weddings. I liked this photo of my mother and Walt's mother with their respective wedding photos..

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