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20 November 2003

"C'mon...we can make it!" Cindy called out, as she raced past me, crossing the street as the light started to turn yellow.

Today was a red-letter day. Cindy and I resumed our bike riding.

My plan had been to get out on the bike for a test run this week, with Walt out of town. You know...kinda sneak out when nobody was looking to see exactly how out of shape I really was.

Problem was that what with all the cleaning and the aborted trip half-way to San Francisco yesterday, I just never had the time. (Strange that "playing on the computer" was not my was cleaning).

Last night Cindy called to ask if I would like to try riding again, and how could I say no?

I'd been using the excuse that I hadn't gotten around to getting my rear view mirror replaced (still broken from the accident in June), but I did have my new helmet, so I really didn't have a valid excuse.

Besides, she suggested we go at 9 a.m. instead of our usual 5 or 6 a.m.--I didn't even have to set an alarm to get up on time.

The tires on the bike were very soft. I had to put about 40-50 lbs of air in them and wasn't sure if my arm would be able to pump that much, but it was.

"We'll take it slow," Cindy said. (I noted that "slow" was 11 mph, which in itself pleased me because I was able to keep up that slow pace--which once would have been a very fast pace for me!)

We took a shorter route, bypassing the bumps which I hate under normal circumstances and which I knew would send shock waves up my shoulder.

But it was fun to be out on the familiar streets again. At about mile 2 or so, I was starting to feel it, but as usual, that feeling passed and I got into the ride. By the end, my legs were starting to feel a little achy, but overall, it was great.

Best, was that Cindy and I started getting caught up on our respective lives. It's been many months since we last biked, and we always chat while we're riding (something we can't really do when I'm in her dentist's chair!) First, she had surgery and was nearly recovered when I had my own accident, followed by the trip to Australia. So I can't remember when the last time was, but I'll bet it's the better part of a year.

My odometer may have been affected by the accident--I'm not sure. I forgot to set it before we started, so I don't know how many miles we covered. Not our usual 8, but perhaps 5 or 6. In any event, it was wonderful to be back on The Blue Angel again and we hope to do it again over the weekend.

When the ride was over, I plunged back into this endless Reorganization. Today I got a wall washed, polished silverware, washed the kitchen floor, and got the living room straightened up. I also went through my closets and put out three huge bags of clothes (mostly things I am now too small to wear) for a charity that is picking up donations tomorrow. Walt won't know the place when he gets home tomorrow. The best news came at the end of the day when the computer shop called to let me know that my computer had finally come in from Dell and that they would get right on doing the last minute tweaks and I would probably be able to pick it up tomorrow.

Good thing the bulk of the first layer of cleaning is finally almost over because I have a feeling that I'm not going to clean much of anything for the next few days!!!

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