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18 November 2003

I could barely finish my dinner. Two tortillas filled with chicken, beans, salsa, lettuce and onions. One would have been enough. But I had been too busy to eat during the day and had eaten so few points that I needed to have enough before the end of the day.

Who is this person and what has happened to the real Bev?

Or is this the real Bev? Or the real new Bev? Or have I just totally cracked up.

The day started wonderfully. I weighed in and said goodbye to another 1.4 lbs. I hadn't been too concerned. I had stuck with my points all week and exercised most days...but I kinda went a bit overboard Monday night and know I was over that day. But I didn't think it would significantly affect the weight. It didn't.

At the meeting Chris talked about strategies for coping with the upcoming holidays, including giving both a list of traditional Thanksgiving foods and their point value (helps to see it in black and white), and recipes for low point alternatives (like homemade cranberry sauce). I started thinking about how I could really survive the holidays...and enjoy my mother's turkey stuffing.

It clicked something in my brain again. I went to the store and bought food I could eat, and then came home and spent the whole day organizing (will this mad cleaning whirl never end?). I skipped my mid-morning snack and mid-afternoon snack. When I added up the points before dinner, I had over half my points left to use, hence the "big" dinner.

Breakfast was very weird. Chris had shared a recipe for a pumpkin smoothee that sounded kind of good. You take the WW vanilla smoothee mix, add milk, pumpkin and pumpkin pie spice, blend with ice cubes and you have a huge amount of a thick shake-like thing which is only 3 points.

So I took the package of mix, added all the other ingredients, and put this thick stuff in a glass.

Problem was it tasted....weird. It hardly tasted of pumpkin at all. And there was...something else.

I went to put the empty mix packet in the garbage and discovered that it wasn't vanilla at was cappuccino mix! I may be the only person to ever try a cappuccino pumpkin smoothee.

For good reason, I might add.

It was...uh...not very good.

But it was filling and kept me going until noon, while I folded laundry and organized drawers.

I ended the day full of food and under points, with dresser drawers more organized than they have ever been, with my summer clothes put away (I've never done that before), with many of my new continers full of things that have been floating around, and with my resolve to handle Thanksgiving and a partial plan for how to do it brewing in my head.

Now you can't fault a day like that, can you? It's always lovely when you can end a day with a satisfied smile, even if it started with pumpkin cappuccino.

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In the old days, this would have made a nice first course...tonight I had to force myself to finish it!

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