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8 November 2003

I was inspired by Bozoette's list of 100 things about her and thought I'd make one for myself.

1. I turned 60 in February of 2003. (How did I get to be so old?)
2. I am left sided: left handed, left footed, left eyed, etc.
3. Red is my favorite color, though I wear more blue than red.
4. I've never owned my own car.
5. I dropped out of UC Berkeley after only a year. I never graduated from college.
6. I'm a dog person, not a cat person.
7. I've longed to feel like I was one with a horse, but never learned how to ride.
8. I am a third generation native San Franciscan.
9. My first job was distributing campaign literature for a candidate for San Francisco Supervisor (he lost). I was in grade school at the time.
10. I attended 12 years of Catholic school, but no longer consider myself a catholic.
11. My blood type is O+. I am a blood donor.
12. I've been on diets since I was 10 years old.
13. My first computer was an Apple IIc (before hard drives!)
14. I hate...hate...hate Word (I'm a WordPerfect girl)
15. My favorite movie is A Star Is Born (the Judy Garland version--I've probably seen it over 100 times)
16. My first pet was a cat named Socksie, who ultimately ran away.
17. I lost my tonsils when I was 4. (I always was careless with my things)
18. I once took ice skating lessons (I was terrible at it)
19. I was a Brownie and a Girl Scout.
20. My favorite food is cracked crab.
21. My favorite place is anywhere near the ocean.
22. Countries I've visited: Canada, England, Ireland, Scotland, France, Australia. (Also the airports of Singapore; Inchon, Korea; and HongKong)
23. I've been in Chicago many times, but never left the airport.
24. Spring is my favorite season.
25. I rode in a hot air balloon once (loved it).
26. The first president I campaigned and voted for was Lyndon Johnson.
27. I have no allergies that I'm aware of.
28. I gave birth to five children, naturally, with no drugs.
29. I hate sewing and am terrible at it.
30. My first date was with Bill Farrington. I was 13 and I never dated anyone else until he went into the seminary 3 years later.
31. I was a virgin when I married.
32. My favorite offbeat classical composer is Gottschalk.
33. I never "got into" rock and roll.
34. I once rode a camel in the pouring rain (it was silly and fun)
35. I have seen orcas and humpback whales up close and personal.
36. I have a mole on my right cheek (face...face...face!)
37. In high school I typed faster than anybody in the school.
38. My guilty pleasure is pancakes loaded with tons of butter and syrup.
39. I have always been a compulsive letter (now e-mail) writer
40. All I want for Christmas is world peace and a clean house--and I may have a shot at one of those, finally, this year.
41. My feet would rather be bare and don't like shoes.
42. I've been diagnosed with Type II diabetes.
45. I've been to New York three times, and have bad memories of two of those trips.
46. I was a professional cake decorator for a few years.
47. I held a snake once; he peed on me.
48. I sleep with the TV on most nights.
49. I've done publicity for just about every organization I ever joined.
50. I hate sunbathing.
51. I speak a smattering of French and a smattering of Portuguese.
52. I took piano lessons for 2 years in grammar school. Sister Mary Victor used to whack my knuckles with a ruler. I quit. My father never let me forget the money he "wasted" on those lessons.
53. The most beautiful sight I've seen is a tossup between the Cliffs of Mohr in Ireland and the Indian Ocean in Australia, both "sea sights."
54. Two of our children died too early.
55. I wrote a book once.
56. My favorite quote from a movie: "Ditto."
57. I can iron, but don't.
58. I once met Judy Garland (she was very tiny).
59. I have worked in medical offices for the past 20 or so years.
60. I've never had a speeding ticket (but talked myself out of two).
61. I cry at supermarket openings, sunsets, and at the drop of a hat.
62. I'm very strong in moments of crisis. Unfortunately I've had lots of practice.
63. I had one sister, who was murdered.
64. I was the romantic lead in my high school play.
65. I wanted to adopt children, but couldn't stop birthing them long enough to apply.
66. I was either pregnant or nursing (or both) for 10 years straight.
67. I have had a pie thrown in my face (I have also thrown a pie in someone's face).
68. It is possible to fit two grown women and two large Christmas trees in a very small car.
69. Most people in my family have died of lung-related illnesses.
70. I have never smoked cigarettes.
71. I smoked pot once. I was 57 at the time. It did nothing for me.
72. I kill houseplants.
73. There is no better chocolate than See's.
74. Coffee of choice? Peet's French Roast, black.
75. I danced the polka when I was 9+ months pregnant (Jeri was born the next day).
76. I once climbed to the top of Mt. Lassen. I was much younger then.
77. I don't like Shakespeare.
78. Never been on HRT.
79. I am reluctantly pro-choice.
80. I have marched in three Gay Pride parades.
81. I love the sound of rain on a roof; I love walking in a light rain.
82. I am not a hot-weather person.
83. I couldn't decorate my way out of a paper bag.
84. I have over 600 VHS tapes (anybody want an old movie on tape?)
85. I am a shy person and am uncomfortable in the limelight.
86. I once wrote a weekly mental health column for the local newspaper.
87. When I graduated from high school, I planned to be a nun.
88. I've never danced ballet, but wanted to take lessons when I was in grammar school.
89. I rarely drink alcohol.
90. Favorite ethnic foods? A toss-up between Mexican and Chinese.
91. I took two series of Chinese cooking classes from Martin Yan.
92. I have always enjoyed photography and once learned how to develop my own photos--now I have gone digital.
93. My favorite things to photograph: animals and young children.
94. Eclipses of the sun are cool!
95. I once broke a toe by dropping frozen beans on it. (Not deliberately)
96. I'm afraid of roller coasters.
97. I fell asleep the first time I saw "Cats" and missed the whole thing.
98. No matter how thin I get, I will always have fat ankles.
99. I love watching birds, I've discovered.
100. I hope there is an afterlife. There are a lot of old friends I want to see again.

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Lake View

I went for a walk today to this lovely lake.

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