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4 November 2003

Remember The Music Man?

Harold Hill as the huckster music salesman comes to River City to sell the town's parents on signing up for music lessons for their kids. The parents think it's a groovy idea and give him money. Problem is that Hill doesn't know a thing about music...can't read a note. Musical instruments come, but it's another few weeks before the uniforms come and he has to figure out what to do with the kids.

When parents complain that their kids haven't touched their instruments, he tells them he's invented a revolutionary new system: the think system. The kids don't have to actually play the instruments. They just have to think about playing.

This week I gave the think system a try.

I decided I'd try the think system with dieting.

I thought about dieting when I passed thru Jack-in-the-Box at lunchtime on a trip to Woodland to take my computer in for upgrade.

I thought about dieting when I bought the jalapeno and cheddar bagels (and ate them).

I thought about dieting when I sat myself next to the peanut bowl at the Halloween party.

I thought about dieting when I picked up the Otis Spunkmeier muffins on sale and had one for breakfast before going off to Weight Watchers this morning.

I thought about dieting when I walked past Curves on the way to the supermarket a couple of time this week.

This morning I, like Harold Hill, was going to see if the think system works.

Harold's success, or lack of same, depends on whether you were a parent hearing your kid bleat out those off-key notes or whether you were a non-involved adult listening to the cacophany.

My success, or lack of same, was not subjective. There was no escaping the numbers on that scale.

In truth, it should have been worse. It should have been a lot worse. In fact, I was wondering how honest I should be here. Should I admit to gaining 8 lbs, or should I lie and minimize it.

Well, maybe the think system works a little bit. I only gained a pound...but I did gain. So today it starts again, learning the new flex points system, getting back to journaling, and starting to work on this whole "change your life" thing again.

I have some specific goals in mind.

I want to have lost no less than 50 more pounds before my next trip to Australia (not an unreasonable goal, given that I have two years to do it). I also want to work on building up my body strength again.

I've really turned into a marshamallow since the accident. Though my shoulder still hurts, I need to start back at Curves and see how I can adapt those exercises to be gentle on the shoulder.

I need to buy a new bike helmet and get back on the bike again. I don't know if the shoulder is up to 30 miles--I don't think it's up to the 8 miles Cindy and I did all the time at the speed we did it (I cringe to think of going over the bumps in the bike path!).

But I need to start exercising.

I also need to start walking (I'm thinking of getting a new, more active dog after the first of the year. Kimba can barely make it around the block and I sorely miss walking Chippa and Keno). On the day when Peggy and I went whale watching, we had to rush to get to the boat, which was at the end of the pier. Trying to keep up with her just about killed me. Next time I'm going to be able to walk briskly and keep up with her.

I have two years.

So today is the return of the Tuesday diet update entries. Starting tomorrow I will start posting pictures of my meals back on Fotolog again.

Life is getting back to normal and I need to get back to where I was before the accident.

It's time.

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more clean officed

Today I tackled the other side of my office..

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