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31 May 2003

gonztable.JPG (46835 bytes) The table was piled high with cheese and crackers, cut pieces of meat, fruits and veggies, and a big bowl of punch. On another table were several huge sheet cakes, piled high with frosting, both on top and between the layers. Everyone in the place had a plate and everywhere I walked, I ran into someone with frosting around their mouths.

Initially things were fine. I hadn't intended to stay 2-1/2 hours and I knew that I was going from the reception to the supermarket with a long list of ingredients and enthusiasm for making some of the recipes in the new WeightWatchers cookbook I'd bought at the meeting on Tuesday.

The reception was honoring Bob Gonzalez ("Gonz"), band teacher for the local junior high ever since we've been in Davis (30 years). When I signed the guestbook, I put "I guess we can call you the grandfather of Lawsuit." That was before I found the picture of Jeri and Marta standing together in the high school marching band.

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I think it's fairly safe to say that without Gonz, Lawsuit in the incarnation that it became well known, would never have existed. Because of Gonz, Jeri now teaches music at Berklee College of Music in Boston.

When Jeri entered junior high school, she'd been studying piano for several years, but she wanted to be in the band and it's kind of hard to play a piano in a marching band (even if Woody Allen could play a cello in one -- see Take the Money and Run). She didn't own another musical instrument, so Gonz rummaged around in his instrument closet, handed her a clarinet and an instruction book and told her to practice fingering. She now also teaches clarinet and saxophone to grammar school kids in Boston.

It must be amazing to be a teacher, like Gonz, at the end of your career, hearing the stories of the impact you have had on hundreds or thousands of lives.

gonzcrowd-sm.jpg (33065 bytes)

Lots of people came out with stories like that--the impact he had on them, or on their children.  It was a lovely tribute.

I took lots and lots of pictures, which kept my hands busy, but kept finding myself standing by that food table.  I was sorely tempted to just take a piece of the cake, but stopped to realize what one piece would do to me--and tell myself that I really don't like chocolate cake anyway (only chocolate frosting).  

It helped a bit that my stomach has been slightly unsettled all day, but not even an unsettled stomach, in the past, has kept me from eating.  I finally had a game plan and stuck to it.  I got a plate, took some carrots, some pearl tomatoes, and a small bunch of grapes, and then walked away from the table.

I kept finding myself in front of tables with bowls of corn chips and salsa for dipping, then I'd turn around and be facing a long table with little pieces of cake on little plates just staring at me.

However, by the end of the reception, though my feet were killing me, I had not eaten anything I shouldn't.  I think I had 3 carrots, a few tomatoes and one teeny cube of cheese.  All nicely within the point range.   What's more, though I was "unsettled" being around all that food, it was an empowering feeling to leave the school and walk to the car knowing that I had stayed on my diet.

That tasted better than the fleeting pleasure eating a piece of gooey cake that I probably wouldn't have liked anyway would have.


The sincerest satisfactions in life come in doing and not dodging duty; in meeting and solving problems, in facing facts, in being a dependable person

~ Richard L. Evans

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