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28 May 2003

I knew it was going to be a good day when I put on my slacks and they didn't feel tight. Of course they aren't the smallest ones I own, but they aren't the largest ones either--and they have been feeling a bit snug. But not this morning.

It was another of those days when I had no concerns whatsoever about facing a weigh-in. I didn't even fidgit around on the scale looking for that "sweet spot" that will knock a couple of ounces off of your weight. I stood there solidly while the weigh-er went looking for a new book for me (I'm starting Book #3). The numbers were there, big and bold. I'd lost 4.8 lbs. I accepted my congratulations happily--I'd earned them.

It's such a wonderful feeling, being "in control." The great thing about where I am right now is that I "fell off the wagon" at Christmas time and have been struggling with getting back on again for the months between then and now.  There's a big difference between being on track with eating, and being on track in your head.  And my past history shows that when I have one of these big crashes, it takes literally years before I'm able to get my head back in that place again, even if it takes a few weeks before I completely give up even trying to stick with a diet.

This time, I had "slips" just about every week. Sometimes huge slips. Sometimes weeks where I was only paying lip service to sticking with the program. All of the factors in place for my giving up in the past.  I had done it in 1985.  Lost 80 lbs and then slowly put it all back again--and lots more.

But this time I haven't (I'm not even going to say "so far"). And I've hung in there long enough that now I feel back to where I was in my head a year ago--on track, working the program 100%, feeling confident that I'm losing, losing and feeling in control of myself.

What's made the difference? Why have I been able to get over the huge hump I've been struggling with for four months?

You guys. This journal. Going public. And now adding the fotolog.

I keep saying it, but it's really true. Being accountable to the world (or the 300-350 people who read this journal on weigh-in day!) makes a difference. I suppose it shouldn't, but it does. It would be easy to just quietly slip back into the old habits (which I have, from time to time), but then I realize that Tuesday comes and not only will I have to step on the scale at WeightWatchers, but I promised myself to be accountable to the the wonderful people who have been so supportive. So it's a double edged sword.

As I wrote the above paragraph, I was thinking about Judy Garland's last movie, "I Could Go On Singing." In the movie, which is more than a little bit autobiographical, she's had a kind of mini breakdown. She ends up drunk in an emergency room and Dirk Bogard, her former lover, is trying to take her to the theatre, where a sell-out crowd of fans is waiting for her concert.

Eventually he's able to convince her to return to the theatre and the angry fans who are waiting. But she's scared. He promises her that he'll stay until she doesn't need him any more.

She walks out on stage and begins calming the fans. She's nervous, but she starts singing. She keeps an eye on Bogard, who waits in the wings.

As she gets into her song, she gains confidence, she gets energy from the crowd and soon she's in command of the stage and herself. At that point, she glances into the wings and Bogard is gone. You can see a moment of hesitation on her face, but then she continues singing and is able to stand on her own two feet.

Maybe that's not exactly the situation here, but it is sort of. I feel like all of you guys have been supporting me, standing in the wings cheering me on until the day when I can stand on my own two feet.

I have to warn you, that day may never come! But I do get so much strength just from all of your support. All the hugging when I succeed, kicking when I fall down, and supporting when I'm discouraged. It is all what keeps me going.

And I'm feeling pretty good tonight. I'm so close to 70 lbs...again. That's my goal for this lose 3.2 more lbs so I can finally get back into the 70s again. And then it's down...down...down yet again.


You just call on me brother when you need a hand.
We all need somebody to lean on.
I just might have a problem that you'll understand.
We all need somebody to lean on.
Lean on me when you're not strong,
I'll be your friend. I'll help you carry on
For it won't be long 'til I'm gonna' need somebody to lean on.

~ Bill Withers

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