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23 May 2003

"After I leave..."

I'm starting to use the phrase more at the office.

Earlier this week, I was actually trying to decide whether I wanted to return to the job or not. I had the opportunity of contacting someone who had managed an office for Dr. G years ago when he was in another community. She said that coming in to work for 2 months would be do-able, "as long as you promise to come back."

Aye--there's the rub.

Hiring her would solve a lot or problems. She already knows him. She knows his system. She knows his quirks. She knows what to expect. She could adapt easly to a different office. I know she's computer literate, so that would be no problem. Since it would be for a short time, it wouldn't bother her not to have benefits.

The list goes on and on. It's the best of all possible worlds.

If I want to come back.

I actually got somewhat...well, "excited" is perhaps a bit too strong a word...but definitely "intrigued" by the idea.

But then I began to think of what having her come and take over my job for 2 months would mean.

It would be a commitment.

It would be a promise to return.

It would be an understanding that when I returned it would be for an indefinite period of time.

Just when I'm at a point where with or without Australia I was vascillating back and forth over staying or leaving. When there were days that I'd decide if I wanted to leave right now or stay until I leave for Australia.

Am I crazy? My chance to leave for a logical reason and I'm thinking of promising to come back? The lack of food must be going to my head.

So I haven't pushed it. And instead I'm starting to talk about "when I go..." I'm working on the "how to" manual for my successor.

Today I reminded him that he won't be able to use my AOL account for the office "after I leave" and so we should plan to change our internet provider plan to allow the office more on-line time.

I've started telling patients that I won't be around after September.

I've started to think about not working here, and about life after Dr. G.

There is a part of me which will be sad to let this job go. It's the part which has worked long and hard typing his book and which would like to stick around for the perks--watching its success (but might not succeed; that wouldn't be fun...)

This job was the perfect job at the perfect time. I keep saying that, but it was. But now it's time to do something else. I think I'm leaving the office in better shape than I found it. I've certainly organized a lot around here that wasn't organized before I came. So I don't think people will heave a sigh of relief to watch me walk out the door.

But it's time to go. It's time for me to start thinking about "after I leave here" too.... to leave myself open for whatever might come along. To put this part of my life behind me and see what the next chapter holds.

No. I won't come back. There is a season for everything, and my season for this office has finally run its course.

Quote of the Day

The beginnings and endings of all human undertakings are untidy.

~ John Galsworthy

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