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22 May 2003

LOL. I just love my friends.

People have been following my food log and giving me good comments on it (Jim is going to lose weight by licking his computer monitor and eating my dinners vicariously).

I've mentioned that my challenge each day is to make it all look interesting. Martha Stewart I ain't. I also do not have an endless supply of china patterns, etc.

Well...never let it be said that people can't be inventive! I came home tonight and in front of my door was a stack of plates in several different patterns, one of each. I haven't confirmed it yet, but I think it was my friend Nancy (with whom I went biking recently) who has suppled me with visual variety so that I can make the photo log look fresh and new each time.

I'll tell you, with friends like this, how can I possibly give up.

Ever since I started this program I have been totally overwhelmed by how supportive everyone has been. From the additional 50-100 people who started reading this journal regularly, especially on weigh-in days, to all of the people like Jim and Becky and Doug who have been around just about since it started and who are on my notify list.

People like Marn, Mary, and  "Bozoette", who have been so effusive in support, and practical in advice, especially for the exercise program.

When I'm struggling, I get such wonderful messages of support that I can't possibly give up. I'm not doing this for all of you, I'm doing it for me--but there are times when I feel that I can't possibly give up because I can't disappoint my cheering section.

And now this. This wonderful, silly way of helping me with this new crutch of mine. Now not only will I be thinking of what is good-tasting, in my point range, and attractive to prepare, but what will look good on which "china" (or faux china) pattern!

Everybody should be so lucky. And feel so loved.

I'll tell ya, they say that the best way to deal with any problem, whether it's eating, drinking, drugs, mental illness or whatever, is to do it in group. I have, for so many years in my life, struggled to do it alone. I live in a family without weight problems and so I have dieted alone, though everyone has been very good about eating whatever I cook--but they couldn't understand from a literal "gut" level what it was like.

I was raised by a father who believed that to ask for help was weakness.

I never really believed that, but that stubborn streak must have imbedded itself in my psyche because I sure have avoided asking for help with this very basic problem with which I have been struggling for most of my life.

The help was there all along.

The help was there in the wonderful people I see at WeightWatchers each week, who share their stories, who go through the same things I go through, and who cheer each other on -- yeah, that corny rah-rah jazz, which really does help.

And the help was right here. On the Internet. With literally hundreds of people, some most (but not all) faceless, many who will never contact me at all--but I can feel the support. And so many are here, sharing their own struggles, telling me I really can do this, giving me goals to aim for.

And showing up with a pile of beautiful plates to help me stick with the idea of the Food Fotolog.

My heart is very full.

Thank you. All of you.

Quote of the Day

There is no special joy quite like friendship...and no special friend quite like you...

~ Larry Chengges

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No--I'm not going to post a food foto a day, but this is one of the "new" plates and it seemed appropriate

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