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21 May 2003

Oh, it's so nice to have a clear conscience.

I had no doubt whatsoever that I would have lost weight this week. I'd stuck with the program. I'd overdone it on water (a good thing). I'd been exercising again. Absolutely, positively no doubt that I would lose...and if I didn't, I didn't care, because I'd been doing everything right.

I was so sure that I would lose weight that I didn't even bother with my weigh-in-day-fast (no breakfast until after weigh-in), or picking the lightest weight thing I own to wear. I did take off my shoes to be weighed, but that was the only concession.

And I was right: 3.8 lbs gone yet again. I'm on the road once more and don't tend to get off again this time.

For one thing, I counted the weeks today, and it's only 15 weeks until I leave for Australia. If I'm going to sit comfortably on a plane for a bazillion hours, fit in at Peggy's house, and go traipsing around the countryside for six weeks, I have to get back on the straight and narrow.

Fortunately, this seems to be being no problem. I'm on the "Fotolog diet" and that is helping.

Our meeting today talked about what sorts of "anchors" we can use to help us stay on course and for me, Fotolog has been one of those anchors. I don't care if nobody ever checks the pictures of my meals, the task of planning them and presenting them in an inviting manner helps put me in the mood to eat a reasonably unhurried meal, which also helps with the dieting (gives my stomach time to get full, rather than wolf everything down and be starving again in 10 minutes, before the "full" genes kick in).

It's a crutch. But who cares? People with disabilities sometimes have to use crutches and this is a disability that a crutch can help.

I've now been on the straight and narrow enough days that I found myself eagerly scooping vegetables into my shopping cart, with ideas in mind of what I was going to cook. Does doesn't happen while all the "fat genes" are active in my body.

So I'm all set now with "pretty" food and ideas of "interesting" meals to cook. I dunno...sometimes I'm very weird. But, hey, it's working, so leave us not cast aspirsions.

I did make one little "luxury" purchase at the supermarket though. Skinny Cow cookies and cream bars. Anyone who has never tasted a Skinny Cow, stop reading immediately and head for your local freezer section and buy one. Or a dozen. The bars are 2 points each and extremely generous. I've only had the fudgesicle bars before; cookies and cream must be new and a new favorite. I've had one for my afternoon treat--and won't let myself have one after dinner, even if I have the points left over. What gets me started is taking a "legal" food and overdoing it. Moderation is the key in all things--even diet-"safe" foods.

So anyway, there you have it. I lost three and a half pounds today. I'm back on track. I'm feeling very good about myself. And now I have to figure out what pretty food I'm going to fix for dinner tonight. Check Fotolog later and find out (I'll be as surprised as you are).

Quote of the Day

Health food may be good for the conscience but Oreos taste a hell of a lot better.

~ Robert Redford

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