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by Paul Sykes (1996)

Little friend of mine how you'd make me laugh
Hysterically, I lived for that
We had a lot of fun
Sick and unconventionally
Straying from the norm

Everybody knows how you'd question life
Philosophize and lose sleep at night
I know how that can be
I've been there before
and now it feels like I'll be visiting again.

Look at what you've done.

But you don't have to say you're sorry
'cause I forgive the ones I love
I'll just look forward to tomorrow
But look at how I cry.

I"m pretty sick of all these tears
I know this wasn't planned at all.
Still I wish that you were here.

Little friend of mine how you'd drive me nuts
Abuse your mind and push your luck
But how I adored your brain
We had something between us--
we were both slightly insane.

Little baby brother, I know you know
I'll never let your memory go
Still I feel like I should say
Christmas might be difficult but I think that
everyone will be OK.

Just look at what you've done.

But I don't want you to worry.
'Cause everybody fucks up now and then.
It's just a part of being at an early age.

But look at how we cry.

So much we want to scream
Look, I know you were a fan and all
But this is too much like James Dean.
I know you were a fan of him
But this is too much like James Dean.


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We miss you, honey

Quote of the Day

It wasn't just her fingers playing, her whole body was a representation of every single note that came streaming out of her heart, represented on the keyboard. I longed to be in that place so badly, to see her face and to watch her fingers caress the keys and fight with the keys and make love with the keys and wrestle and struggle.

~ David, from The Piano

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David Sykes
2/4/1972 - 5/18/1996

painting by artist
Phoebe Storey

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