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4 May 2003

When we last left our intrepid journalist, she was on the verge of a nervous breakdown over how much she still had left to do and how little time she had to do it in.

Thus, if I didn't already have a ticket in hand, I probably would not have gone to Boise today. Dumbest thing for someone with my schedule to try to do! But I had purchased the ticket before I knew I was going to be drowning.

I got even more behinder last night. Sort of. Instead of transcribing, I went and interviewed the director of the teen theatre, about which I am doing a feature story for Tuesday. We had a great interview, but it was just one more tape that was going to have to be transcribed.

I got up at 2:30 a.m. to work on the psychiatrist's rush report--all 20 pages of it. It was longer than I anticipated, so I never did get to Dr. G's work, or even think about the interview tape.

But then I had a brainstorm. I checked and discovered that the earphones for the transcription unit will plug into the dictation machine that I had used for the interview. So I packed that, thinking I would just transcribe it here at Olivia's house.

But then I got the bright idea that I would test out the new folding keyboard that I bought for the Palm Pilot to take to Australia. I'd give it a test of how well it works on the road.


I got to the airport 2 hrs early and bought some coffee. While I was wondering how I was going to kill time, I decided to test out the palm pilot. I managed to get about 10-15 minutes worth of typing done (and a friend who happened to be catching the plane before mine took my picture while doing it).

Once we were airborn en route to Portland, the first leg of the trip, I got out all of my little gadgets--unfolded the keyboard, plugged in the Palm pilot, took out the dictation machine, attached the ear phones and voila--I was in business. (It should also be pointed out that this would not be possible if I still weighed what I weighed a year ago. This project necessitates my being able to lay the tray table flat in front of me!)

By the time we got to Portland, I had finished one whole side of the tape and I was very jazzed.

In the Portland airport (where I had a 2 hour lay-over) I found an office place for travelers, which I had all to myself, so I got all of my stuff organized again and just sat there till I'd finished the entire interview. I still have the other interviews to do and the feataure to write, but I am finally ahead of the game and am very pleased.

But what of Boise? Olivia met me at the airport. My first impression is that you can live a whole year, weather-wise, in a day here. She said I'd missed the snow on the mountain tops and the hail but it was sunny as the plane landed and raining by the time we got to the car. It has gone from bright sun (warm, actually) to pouring rain and back again. At one point I looked off into the distance and it was pouring to my left and clear blue sky to my right. It was like being in Hawaii.

Olivia's new house is lovely, for as little time as we were here before time to go get something to eat and then watch her niece Tessie win the season soccer championship. I had never met Tess before, but I decided to use it as a chance to try a new feaure I had yet to test on my camera, so I took 100 pictures.

There is a 26 mile greenbelt path right near the house and Olivia's bike is just. sitting. there. So I will probaby go explore some of Boise on my own tomorrow. We will inaugurate Olivia's new barbecue and have some salmon for dinner tomorrow night.

I fly home Monday morning. Now that I've managed to get some transcription done, thanks to all of my fancy new gadgets,I can actually take a day to relax while I'm here. Even tho I just had a great relaxing weekend in Texas a year ago, I feel the need of another one already!

Quote of the Day

Hard work pays off in the future, laziness pays off now.

~ Stephen Wright

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Olivia and her nephew Elliot

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