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5 March 2003

Well, I gained 3 lbs at my weigh-in today, but it wasn’t unexpected.  A lovely birthday dinner with my mother in a Chinese restaurant (where I let myself go), followed by a buffet birthday brunch for both Walt and me at his mother’s senior citizen’s center, and then being treated to lunch by the office twice and by our new rad tech once.  (Plus those four hundred Luna bars).  I was prepared for it.  It will come off next week.

 Again the meeting today addressed things I needed to hear.  It was on how to really live this new lifestyle, and a reminder of the 8 steps to a healthy weight.  It was kind of an eye-opener.  Though I have re-started journaling and staying within the points range, I’ve lost sight of the whole “lifestyle” thing.  I used to have V-8 juice a lot; it not only got me through an afternoon without getting the munchies, but it also pretty much by itself filled the required 6-8 servings of fruits and vegetables.  I also munched cherry tomatoes when I got home at night.  That combined with a piece of fruit some time during the morning and usually during the afternoon and I was home free in that category.

 But for some reason I’ve slowly been forgetting about that.  It’s easier to go back to the old snack habits—watch how much I’m eating so I don’t go over my points, but forget to watch the kinds of things I’m eating.

 I also used to slosh when I first started this diet.  I was never without a bottle of water and I knew the rest stops on every road that I traveled (did you know there are rest stops every 20 miles along I-5 between Sacramento and Los Angeles?) I never really think about pushing water because I’ve always been such a big water drinker.  But when I think back on it, thru the winter, I drink less water and so I’m not drinking as much.   I still drink one glass at breakfast time, one mid-morning, one with lunch (usually), one in the afternoon and one or two with dinner—which  perhaps technically fulfills the water requirement, but I used to really push it, and when I drink more water, the weight comes off more,  so I need to be more aware of that.

 I’m pretty much OK on the rest—I get enough protein, I definitely get enough milk products (I’m cornering the market on fat-free Yoplait strawberry yogurt), and grains are never a problem.  I need to remember to take a multivitamin pill, though I suspect that doesn’t so much affect weight as it does assure that all of your vitamin needs are being met.

 The meeting made me look at my habits, the ones I’ve formed and the ones I’ve started to let slip.  (Thankfully, the “exercise habit” has not been one of those—and with Spring coming, I’m getting itchy pedal feet and eager to get out on weekends and enjoy the sun and the blossoms!)

 Our leader pointed out that we are 12 weeks from Memorial day and suggested that we make a plan for what we intend to accomplish during the next 12 weeks. 

 So this is my plan:

  •  Make a concerted effort to add more vegetables to my day.  Fruits aren’t as much of a problem, but fruits count as points and vegetables don’t…and one needs a balance anyway.  It’s time to stock up on V-8 juice and tomatoes again, and start buying more than specialty tortillas at the Farmers’ Market (I’m remembering the delicious butternut squash I cooked recently….)  I wish I could learn to love those little carrots.  I try.   I really try...but I end up either throwing them away after they've dried up, or putting them in soup (which isn't too bad).

  •  Be more aware of water intake and add at least 3 more glasses of water a day to what I’m already drinking.

  •  With the good weather here, get out on the bike more.  Leave the typing sit for an hour and go out and smell the roses…and the daffodils and the cherry blossoms.

  •  Remember to take my multivitamin each morning.

  •  And finally, journal, journal, journal.  Even if I load my plate with glazed walnut prawns, write it down.

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