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30 June 2003

"I promise I'll be home to cook your dinner after the orgy is over," Walt said, as he adjusted the pillows under my leg and got the car keys out of the closet.

"Have a nice time," I replied, waving him off.

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He'd been talking about the orgy for two weeks. In fact, I actually got the date wrong. I wished him well at the orgy last week, as he headed off to San Francisco, but I was a week early.

"The orgy," is the San Francisco opera's infamous production of "Faust," known for its orgy scene(s).

While he was reveling in his orgy, I was having a much less libidinous orgy of my own. This was going to be the day I was going to work on "helping the knee."

After my talk with Jim yesterday, I came home and fixed a way to keep the leg elevated throughout the night. I even pumped my calf muscles to get the blood flowing to my heart, as instructed, several times, as I peeked at the Ellen deGeneres special through my toes. I actually managed to fall asleep hooked up like this.

It was 3 a.m. when nature called and I had to get up to go the bathroom and then try to rearrange myself, trying to pull a blanket over my toes (since it had turned a bit chilly by that hour) that I suddenly found myself very tired of this one-handed, one-legged existence. I allowed myself a few minutes of a pity party and then managed to get resituated and somehow get back to sleep.

(This morning I had an email from someone reminding me that I should be grateful that I only have to go through this for a couple of months, not the rest of my life. That put things in perspective right quickly!)

When morning came, I got up to check e-mail, post the morning's photo of my breakfast and then get on to the business of the day: continuing to keep the leg elevated and work on softening the scab, which Jim had recommended, telling me to soak it off and keep the wound slathered with Neosporin.

(Every time I buy Neosporin I am reminded of a time I tried to buy it in London, only to be told that I needed a physician's prescription for it--the clerk acted as if I'd tried to buy heroin over the counter. I always made sure to pack Neosporin for future trips to England!)

It felt really slothful to just sit in the reclining chair, remote control in hand, and a wet rag on my knee, but I had decided to really dedicate myself to it. It's a dirty job, but someone has to do it.

lunchsm.JPG (34932 bytes)I only got up to fix myself lunch, a combination of leftover salad from the BBQ yesterday, and a WeightWatchers TV lunch, eaten off of my knee while watching Audrey Hepburn and William Holden try to create a television script in "While Paris Sizzles", and Melanie Griffith fall in love with a 19th century duke in "Kate and Leopold."

A mere 8 hours after beginning the soak process the scab finally softened enough to be peeled off. I dutifully slathered the knee with Neosporin and we'll see what happens. The elevation of the leg, however, has not effected noticeable difference in the fluid on the knee.

By 4 p.m., I could no longer spend time in my weird orgy. It was time for the radio show, "Says You," which I can only hear on the computer, which means sitting upright for at least half an hour.

Walt still hasn't returned from his orgy. I suspect his was a lot more exciting (and probably a lot more interesting to write about) than mine!


Life is hard. After all, it kills you.

~ Katharine Hepburn (1907-2003 ... r.i.p.)

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This is a mask on the wall of the home where the BBQ was held yesterday--they collect masks

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