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25 June 2003

Velcro has taken on a very important role in my life.

I thought about that as I sat on the edge of a seat and tried to get this contraption back on me again after my shower this morning. It's not that it's that difficult--awkward, but not difficult. But the frustrating thing is that it's all velcro, so whatever it touches it sticks to.

There is a large waistband which attaches with velcro, and two loops which are sewn to the waistband, but which open to insert the arm and close with velcro. When you're working with only one "fastening hand," all the rough sides of the velcro stick to everything cloth--not only the softer side of the velcro, but the cloth of my shirt and anything else around.

I sometimes wish that there were a cameraman around because I'm sure we'd have a great slapstick movie in this.

Then I went to the office briefly today, only to fill in so that Mrs. G could get to the bank, the post office, the office supply store, and pick up their son at day care. While I was there, Dr. G was doing a blood pressure (since I can't take them any more) and the cuff popped off because he'd forgotten to fasten the velcro tightly enough.

Later, as he went to close a patient's gown, he had to clean bits of cloth off of the velcro fasteners. Never in my life have I paid so much attention to velcro. Even the rice hull pillow that I put behind my neck when I sleep at night attaches to itself with Velcro and if I put the thing behind me backwards, I have velcro scratching my neck all night.

Heck, my unused hand is even starting to look like velcro!!

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So I suppose you want to know about how WeightWatchers went this morning, eh? It's funny, but it's taken me year and a half (and probably this accident) to make me really feel at home there. This morning as I was bemoaning my aches and pains, another member reported that a biopsy had come back positive for lymphoma. Suddenly my little dislocated shoulder and "water on the knee" don't seem quite so bad.

As for weigh-in, there must be something in the laxative properties of those cherries I've been scarfing down all week.

I said that last week I'd taken a "pass" on weigh-in, for all sorts of reasons, including the increased water in my system. Actually I did weigh and couldn't bring myself to admit that in the two weeks since I'd weighed in before, I'd gained EIGHT pounds. That's when my leaders told me about all the reasons why my weight might be up due to the accident.

This week hasn't been good, as I reported yesterday. And I was prepared for very bad news. What I wasn't prepared for was having LOST five pounds. Maybe all this hefting of my weight on one arm, lumbering along dragging the bum leg, and staggering around the office when I feel terrible qualifies as exercises over and above or something.

I dunno.

But I'll take my loss happily (though it shows as a gain on my record below) and once again start from scratch. The meeting today again was full of stuff I needed to hear, and the comments of my WeightWatchers buddies, those who are doing well and those who are struggling, were once again a good anchor to keep me going for another week.


Part of the secret of success in life is to eat what you like and let the food fight it out inside.

~ Mark Twain

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