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16 June 2003

A couple of weeks ago, Ned decided to take Walt camping for Father's Day. After the accident, they considered canceling the trip. I told them to go ahead and go, that I would be fine.

What's a newly incapacitated girl to do, faced with spending the week end alone? She goes home to mother, of course.

My mother called Friday morning to see how things were going. I told her I was coping and mentioned Walt & Ned's camping trip. "Why don't you come here for the week end?" she asked. A little Mom-TLC? I didn't have to be coaxed.

I love my mother. She hopped into the car and drove the 65 miles to get me. She packed my little bag into the car and we were on our way back. She didn't even take time for a cup of coffee.

I decided to make it a technology-free weekend, so I took neither laptop nor camera.

We had a lovely time. We worked on a horrible puzzle (my mother is a puzzle-doin' fiend) and didn't get it finished. We had lovely chats. She fixed great meals. I hoped to take a shower, but in the end decided I wanted to wait till I see the doctor Tuesday before moving my arm that much, but she did wash my hair for me--It had been many years since I'd hung my head over a sink and let my mother wash my hair. It made me feel like a kid again.

Saturday we walked the 3/4 mile around the lake in the park where she lives. I was surprised that I was really feeling the desire for doing some movement.

We watched the birds (there are dove nests on both sides of her house, ducks who wait on the lawn for her to feed them and an assortment of other birds who visit the birdfeeder).

It was just a nice, relaxing couple of days, which is, I suspect, just what the doctor would order. I even finished a whole book, and caught up on my mother's favorite Brit-com, "As time goes by."

Tomorrow I work for a couple of hours (trying to help people figure out how to do my job), and Tuesday I find out if I'm going to need surgery. Hold the good thought.


Necessity is the mother of invention -- still.

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