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13 June 2003

Ive begun typing "tomorrow's" entry in the early morning "today," since it takes so long to do one handed. I also have not responded to every note and guestbook entry for the same reason, but I thank everyone who has cared enough to write. It means so much to me...especially the helpful hints and the "I've been there--you'll survive" encouragement.

I started to feel human yesterday when I gave myself a quasi (albeit not thorough enough) sponge bath. I then decided to try washing my hair in the kitchen sink. It wasn't the most comfortable thing I've tried, but by golly I have clean hair! Thanks to my god-given naturally curly hair and the PERFECT haircut I got the day before the accident, I look acceptable with only towel drying and a bit of brushing. I even changed into one of the new tops Dr G's wife bought for me. I was starting to feel human at last.

Just to prove I could, I also mopped the kitchen floor. I have one of those Swifter mops, which I discovered could easily be used one-handed (and it's a small floor). It wasn't a thorough job, but the spots are gone anyway.

I was going to take something out of the freezer for dinner but only had a large package of chicken and couldn't cut the package open one handed. It's always one step forward, one or two steps back! Walt went out and got frozen ravioli and made a nice dinner.

The knee continues to be the most painful (until I accidentally move my shoulder). I didn't realize just HOW swollen the knee is until I had Walt take a picture last night.

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I also decided to show everyone what this contraption I'm in looks like...when I saw the photo, I realized how bruised my arm is--no wonder it hurts!

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Yesterday, Dr G came over to bring flowers. He reminded me about my disability insurance, so I talked to state disability and they are sending paperwork. Maybe I can still get a bit of an income for awhile.

I find that as I learn how to do more things, I do more things and am always surprised when I sit down how exhausted I am. I'm used to being lazy, but I'm not used to being incapacitated.


Necessity is the mother of invention.

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roses from Dr G's garden

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