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12 June 2003

Yesterday was not my best day.

By mid afternoon, I was nearly in tears.  Thank goodness for Shelly and Ellen, who came over, brought me huge clothes (which I can wear over my immobilizer...not chic but functional), books, videos, and friendship. By the time they left the world didn't look quite as bleak.

I have to get out of the funk, since this is going to be a long recovery (especially if surgery is involved) and, my chiropractor friend tells me, "a lot of rough physical therapy" down the line. But trying to deal with a medical service which is slow to return calls (next appointment will be in two weeks, not one), and a boss whose compassion is rapidly being replaced with frustration and anger that I can't give him a "return to work" date just really did me in yesterday.

It's fortunate that I had already given my notice and had placed an ad for a new office manager before all this happened. He had 2 interviews yesterday and 3 more today and after the 3rd phone call I finally told him to hire someone right away and we'd consider me finished now. I'll come in to train the new person but my job is essentially finished now.

It's obviously not the way I wanted to leave this job.

There are a lot of work-related issues that contributed to my funk yesterday, which it would not be prudent to detail, so I won't, but it was a very frustrating day for all of us.

However, Dr. G's wife, bless her, on hearing that I was able to fit the immobilizer into huge shirts, went out and bought me four other shirts, so I now have a whole wardrobe of sizes I thought I'd never see again.

My friend Joan sent a wonderful lamb soulvaki dinner last nite, which was almost worth being incapacitated for.

People are so kind.

After Shelly and Ellen left, I was able (with some interesting contortions) to get into real clothes...have to wear shorts since the knees are still so swollen...but clothes!I

I had Walt buy me some wash-and-dry baby wipes and one-handed floss picks so I can get a bit of a wash and not offend the dog. Next will be to figure out how to wash my hair.

It is all very time consuming...but time is the one thing I seem to have plenty of, suddenly.


Necessity is the mother of invention.

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