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10 June 2003

I don't recommend breaking any limbs to test your popularity, but if you DO have an accident, it's a humbling thing to see how many people jump in to be helpful. 

The e-mails and comments in my guestbook(s) have divided between the people appalled that anyone would be so inconsiderate as to take my picture while I'm writhing in agony and those smartasses who know me well enough to realize that I'd asked Walt to take the pictures.

I had an email from someone we hadn't seen in a year or more, inviting us to go out to dinner...when I mentioned in my response that I'd just had an accident she rushed right over with dinner for us..."meals on wheels," she said to Walt as she got back in her car without even staying to chat.

Nancy, one of my dieting buddies, who has been looking in thrift stores for interesting plates for my food log left a big basket of fruit.

Joan, another dieting buddy, who also knows the frustration of inability to move, offered to send dinner.

Cindy and her daughter brought flowers.

A friend from the Davis Comic Opera dropped off a funny newspaper.

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So many phone calls and e-cards, including Peggy, who is on vacation at the moment and had to borrow a computer....all so much appreciated.

Shelly and Ellen and I are going to figure out how to get me dressed tomorrow.  Olivia, who just had this problem two years ago (only worse), and my mother, who was in a sling a year ago, have offered tips on how to cope.)

Walt has taken over house chores, including getting the coffee ready for me to start in the morning if I wake early, since I cant grind beans.

Dr. G is giving me paid time off and I'm trying to "manage" the office by telephone while his wife, bless her, is doing the work.

It's really difficult, when you like to be independent to say "yes, I need help," but it sure is nice to realize that there are friends out there who are willing to help in all sorts of ways.

"There are a lot of people who love you," another DCOC member told me.  I feel so very lucky.



- me

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