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9 June 2003

It's not easy to type one-handed, so I'm going to just post a report on the rest of the ride...

tiger.JPG (46927 bytes) The River Cats mascot was there to send us all off.
Funny, but I remember this overpass as being daunting a year ago! hill.JPG (36175 bytes)
bikemirror.JPG Fortunately, I didn't fall while trying to do something stupid like taking a picture amd steering at the same time!
At the first rest stop, there was a field all in bloom.  The woman there said her husband had given her 15 lb of wildflower seeds.

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This was the halfway point of the 30 mile trip (i had smudged the lens unfortunately) halfway.JPG (55587 bytes)

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We rode along the river levee.  Lovely scenery.
Then I came on "the pothole," which I saw a fraction of a second too late...I was grateful that I didn't have worse than a scraped knee.

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bridge.JPG (48709 bytes) This picture is for Olivia.  Last year I walked this hill; this year I rode (of course last year there were 40 mph winds!)
From the back of the ambulance. ambulance.JPG (30058 bytes)




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I still look this bad!


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