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3 June 2003

I didn't pay much attention to it several months ago when I had a problem with my toe. Well, that's not exactly true. As far back as a year ago, I was talking about my toes giving me problems when I began exercise. At that time I was worried about gout and thinking it wasn't fair to be dealing with gout at a time when I'd so drastically improved my eating habits.

The problem with the toes, especially the big toe on the right foot, came and went.

A couple of months ago, it got bad enough that I actually made an appointment to see my doctor. It meant taking a couple of hours off work and I wasn't really eager to do that.

"Well, do you want me to look at it for you?" Dr. G asked. I had only made the appointment because they drum into you so strongly when you are first diagnosed with diabetes that if you have any problem with your extremities you should call immediately. I even had a whole class about care of the feet. I didn't want to think about amputation, so I've been very good about all the foot care thing.

So I let Dr. G do a toe exam for me and he confirmed what I suspected--it didn't seem to have any of the conditions that they look for with diabetics--mainly it wasn't a topical problem. It was in the bone (or so it felt). He said he might be able to convince himself there was a bit of warmth to the toe, but he didn't see any reason why I needed to have a foot exam.

And the foot did begin to feel better.

But "intermittent" by its very nature means that something will recur and the pain in my toe was no exception. I've actually not been to Curves for about 2 weeks because of it, and walking on a treadmill was unthinkable. I kept assuming it would get better.

With the advent of the heat, I broke out the good ol' birkinstocks and discovered I could not wear them. At all. The strap across the top of my foot hit me at exactly where the pain is.

The past few days it's been getting worse and worse. At some points, I was taking great pains to make certain that it touched nothing (not fun because the dog has decided to sleep in my path no matter where I go, so I'm always in danger of tripping over her).

Finally, after suffering with it all weekend, I made an appointment to see the doctor today. Fortunately Dr. G had a surgery scheduled so I knew he would be out of the office and there would be no problem with my being gone either.

"Make sure he checks you for gout," was his last advice to me as I left the office.

"Dr. G has no business diagnosing anything below the knees," my doctor said, good naturedly, when I told him of Dr. G's earlier assessment and his suggestion for my exam today. "Let's have a look," he said, as I removed my shoe and sock.

feet.JPG (33509 bytes)He made his diagnosis without even touching the foot. And he actually used the same thing that I had noticed myself for the first time today...has my right big toe always curved out like that? I couldn't remember. I even went and got a photo I'd taken of myself in Houston last month, lying, barefoot, in a hammock. Sure didn't look like there was as much of a curve to the foot then.

"I'm almost certain that x-rays will show degenerative changes in the foot," he said, pausing for a moment. "Arthritis." To be on the safe side, he ordered x-rays, but sent me off with suggestions for how to deal with the pain and the name of a couple of shoe stores I should go to--also suggested I go back to wearing the custom orthotics I had made several years ago for plantar fasciitis (painful flattening of the foot).

I had my x-rays taken and dropped them off at the doctor's office and then went to work. Within an hour, my doctor had called. "yes, the x-rays show significant arthritic deposits in the toe," he said.

Me. Arthritis. I guess that settles it: I'm definitely starting to get old. My bones are degenerating. And I'm short too!

But I took my ibuprofen and within an hour, the toe was feeling better, so it appears that for the moment this condition is something I can deal with fairly easily. He warns that sooner or later it will probably require surgery, but that does not appear to be in the foreseeable future.

I'll be happy if I can get back to the activity level I had before this all popped up again.

I guess I'm not SuperWoman after all, or at least I seem to have run into a bit of kryptonite.


Growing old is like being increasingly penalized for a crime you haven't committed.

~Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

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