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8 July 2003

I'd love to show you Laurel's wedding dress, but Tom would see it, so the best I can do is to show something that approximates Jeri's bridesmaid dress--though it is not this color and this particular dress was much too large. But for a non-photo, it at least shows that we went to a bridal shop today and had a lovely wedding planning day.

The day had another inauspicious beginning, when we found a very flat tire on the car. Walt was taking his mother and me to meet Jeri, Laurel and Laurel's mother at the bridal shop, but first he had to get the tire changed (having learned from my experience "helping" with a car a few days ago, I stayed in the house this time!)

We weren't as late as we might have been and we spent an hour at the shop watching Laurel check how the alterations on her dress had gone, and helping Jeri pick out the dress she's going to wear (all 6 bridesmaids will wear the same color, but each will have her own style).

Walt had hoped to go "wandering" around Santa Barbara while we were at the bridal shop, but instead spent the hour at the tire shop, getting a new tire.

Following the fitting(s), we went to Santa Barbara's hauf brau, Harry's, where we had lunch and did some heavy-duty wedding planning, mostly trying to decide which photos we all wanted the photographer to take (the list is so extensive that one of the options is "best man looking at his watch trying to convince groom to leave." (We decided that wasn't one that Laurel and Tom wanted to have--tho Tom thought "best man trying to convince groom to have a drink prior to the ceremony" might be more accurate.)

The rest of the afternoon was restful--we drove around Santa Barbara, looking at scenery (any excuse to drive along the ocean) and then back to the house, where Walt and his mother had naps and I reviewed the photos I'd taken during the day.

When Walt's sister got home from work, she got a dinner together for all of us, and then Tom, Laurel and Jeri came over to visit after bowling. We laughed a lot, as Walt told the story about his recent trip to England.

Best part about the day: no accidents.

And Tom didn't try to kill me. I knew there was something about that kid I liked.


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Walt shares the photos of his recent trip to England.

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