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1 July 2003

Today's entry is kind of like a patchwork quilt. The reason is that I did pretty much nothing today. My knee had felt significantly better after a night and day being elevated that I decided to ignore the telephone today and just spend another slothful day and see if I can't really work on getting this thing better, not aggravating it by doing a lot of walking. Ultimately that was a good decision, though I had several phone calls from Dr. G, who apparently wanted me to come in to work. But I didn't pay attention to the answering machine until the end of the day.

I can thus write an entry about the awkwardness of trying to GET the leg elevated sufficiently and keep it there, the glories of daytime television (now THERE's a short entry!) and the delicious pleasure in a long afternoon nap. And then I can end this entry right here.  Or I can include little scraps about other things which filtered in throughout the day and patch it all together, loosely, like a patchwork quilt.

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I heard from Ellen and Shelly with all the exciting news about the Gay Pride parade in San Francisco and the media attention that MECA (Marriage Equality California) received. With many others, Ellen and Shelly officially became domestic partners in a big ceremony in front of city hall. They were interviewed by many different newspapers and had their photo printed in several of them (and Ellen was quoted in the San Francisco Chronicle, which is a big coup). The recent Supreme Court decision agreeing that government has no business in the bedroom of any consenting adult citizen was cause for great rejoicing at the festivities this year.
Walt has gone to his mother's for the evening. He pays her bills and does other things that require reading. His mother, at nearly 90, has become very frail and has also developed macular degeneration and her vision has decreased significantly in the past few years to where she can no longer read and has to sit right next to the television to see it. As she has done with most of the trials in her life, she's bearing this all stoically, but this is a woman for whom reading has been a very big part of her life and I know how difficult this is for her. I remember her as the indomitable spirit, the woman who in her late 70s (which doesn't sound nearly as old to me as it did at the time!), traveing across China on the Orient Express, washing out her undies in hotel rooms in cold water, visiting villages which had never seen caucasians before. I remember her picture riding a camel in Egypt. So many other adventures. It's sad to see her world shrink.

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I've gotten very involved with Fotolog, a wonderful place to get inventive with photos. I have two logs there (the original one and MyFoodLog). I've also started a couple of community logs (the most fun of which is for pictures of things related to the Wizard of Oz) and have posted to many more.

Fotolog is undergoing growing pains. On the heels of tremendous publicity worldwide, the membership has swelled by several thousands. The guys running it started offering the option of continuing to be able to post one free photo a day, or for a $5/month fee, posting up to 6. This caused an incredible outcry and war among those who felt it should be free forever. Now there are all sorts of adolescents who are pulling dirty tricks all over the place, making it a pain to work at times.

The most offensive thing I saw yesterday was a copyrighted photo taken on 9/11, one of the most poignant and memorable photos I remember seeing in England. The photo was posted by someone from another country and made into a joke by the addition of some other elements. There were lots of giggles and haha's added in his guestbook comments. I'd post a link to it, but I don't want to give it that much attention. I don't understand why kids (apparently this guy, based on his web page, is a teenager) do such terrible things.

So this was the patchwork of my life today. Bits and pieces....scraps of my life, interspersed with a long afternoon nap while watching George Lucas' biography.

I hope this knee is going to heal very, very soon. At the end of today, even work wasn't looking all that bad.


Whenever I see an old lady slip and fall on a wet sidewalk, my first instinct is to laugh. But then I think, what if I was an ant, and she fell on me. Then it wouldn't seem quite so funny.

~ Jack Handey, Deep Thoughts

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This is another mask on the wall of the home where the BBQ was held Saturday.

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