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26 January 2003

The keyboard I ordered for my palm pilot arrived today.

It's absolutely astounding what modern technology can do!  Just look at this thing.  Here I am holding the Palm Pilot in my right hand and the keyboard, in its case in my left--a keyboard in that little thing???

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You unzip the case and the thing unfolds like a brochure:

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You then lay it flat, close up the two sides so that the keyboard is all one piece, like your regular keyboard, and you slip the palm into a little stand that plugs into the keyboard:

kybd2sm.JPG (31216 bytes)

And then you just type, the way you would on a regular computer, and it all comes out just like it would on a word processor.  I bought "Wordsmith," which is a word processing program for the Palm, which will allow me to write longer documents.

See how much I love you?

The plan is to take this with me to Australia.  I won't be posting daily journal entries, but I will be writing daily entries when we go traveling and then posting a bunch of them at once (with photos) when we get back home again.   (When I get ready to leave, I'll let everyone know and if you want to know when entries are put up, you can sign the notify list.)

I've been downloading other software for the thing....and yet again discovering the range of subjects.  You name it, it's probably there.

clock.jpg (12897 bytes)I finally found the perfect world clock.  You load your time zone (see upper right of the palm screen) and then you can choose four other cities whose time you might be interested in checking. 

I also added a BMI calculator (just so I can keep track of exactly how fat I am), a Weight Watcher journal (after I check the BMI, which is supposed to keep me inspired, I guess!), a timer, which I installed specifically so I won't keep forgetting to put the speculums into the sterilizer when it heats up.  (Of course Cindy told me I could just as easily--and a lot more cheaply--have bought a little plastic timer at Long's--but what fun would that have been?) 

I now have "EZ Check," which helps me figure out how much people owe when you're all splitting the check at a restaurant.  "How Long" lets me find out how many days it is from today to whatever day I choose (like that it's 226 days until I arrive in Perth, for example).

Just for fun, I downloaded some sort of a patent checker.  This is for garage sale devotees (I am not one), who can check the patent number on an item they might be buying to find out when the patent was issued.  (This is obviously for those who are used to finding cheap gold in other people's garbage).

I have a program to keep track of my biking trips, another one for tracking Christmas stuff (cards, gifts, etc.), a rhyming dictionary if I should ever want to collaborate with Steve on a song again, and a program where I can keep track of my medical history (which is so uncomplicated, the program is pretty much useless). 

I keep thinking I have everything I could possibly ever want and then coming up against other intriguing things.   Doesn't everyone want a Portuguese to Japanese dictionary?  or a digital guppie?  Don't you need to keep track of your camera collection?  Or your gun collection?

...maybe I should think about the bicycling journal....

Quote of the Day

There are days when solitude is a heady wine that intoxicates you with freedom, others when it is a bitter tonic, and still others when it is a poison that makes you beat your head against the wall.

~ Colette

(but if you have a Palm Pilot, who cares?  ~Bev)

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