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7 January 2003

Marn has done it again. She's set up a site for those of us who are on the road to fitness. She says "imaginary roads," which refers to those of us who pedal our little hearts out on exercise cycles, or walk miles on treadmills. But she has graciously allowed me to add my biking miles as well--especially since I bike in small or large circles (my 8 miles a day is one big circle), so essentially I'm going nowhere on this health fitness kick as well.

So in addition to the odometer reading below, I now can record my weekly progress at "Going Nowhere."

Incidentally, those of you who really care and notice those things may notice that I've dropped the "+36" from the URL mileage. That's because Jeri used my bike when she was here and we don't know how many miles she put on it, but I figured it was time to drop it anyway.

Additionally, the weekly "Progress Prompts" showed up in my e-mail box today. This is a weekly thought-provoking question for those of us who are "going nowhere" in the search for health and fitness.

In addition to asking how we all did over the holidays (terribly), today's prompt is: Healthwise, what were your accomplishments and your disappointments in 2002? What are your goals and plans for 2003?

Well, I think accomplishments for 2002 are pretty obvious. Just think--one year ago, I had not yet set foot inside the doors of WeightWatchers. The idea of adding exercise was so far from my thoughts that it's laughable.

Yet here I am, a lot of weight less (I'd say 85 lbs, but I know that I've gained back a lot and I'll find out how much tomorrow), these fat legs have pumped >1,000 miles on bike paths and city streets and enjoyed it. There are muscles where there was only flab in my arms (though there's also that lovely hanging flab that fat women get when they lose weight--I don't like it, but I wear it proudly because it's a visible significant of how much I have lost. I also have not one, but TWO t-shirts from athletic events I've participated in.

And, most importantly, as I've been saying lately, I'm getting rave reviews when I go to see health professionals. And that was, after all, the reason I started this lifestyle change. The perks--fitting seatbelts, chairs that I'm not afraid will buckle under my weight, not embarrassed to wear shorts (even with all the cellulite) many perks. And along with the physical perks are the emotional perks that come along with feeling better about myself as a person.

As for the "disappointments" in 2002, with regard to the lifestyle change, the biggest disappointment is discovering how very quickly all of the good habits can totally dissolve. My plan had been to learn to like to eat better. I went for literally months without touching butter, for example. I actually could eat one handful of peanuts and stop. I developed a passion for broccoli. I loved salads.

As I started having a bite here and there one bite turned into two and three and soon I was eating the way I was a year ago...what's worse is that i couldn't seem to stop myself. Perhaps that should be can't instead of couldn't. But the difference between now and then is that I know how hard it has been to get here, I know how much I have looked at the fat me of a year ago and recognize the things that repulsed me about that person, and so I have not given up on exercise, and I'm going to go to WeightWatchers tomorrow, no matter how embarrassed I am to see the numbers I've gained. I'm sticking with this and I think that, combined with the fact that the holidays are finally behind us, will help me get back on track again.

I'm also upping my exercise (this comes under "What are your goals and plans for 2003?"). When Cindy and I started biking, I stopped going to the club on biking days, figuring I'd already ridden 8 miles and had put in a good workout and the club would do for the "off" days. But on Friday and today, I did both--biked and then went to the club, and I truly feel better, so I am going to continue doing that. There is something very helpful with starting a day out right, food wise, when you've just come home, sweaty, from a workout.

And this morning I actually (there are some who won't believe this), cleaned out the refrigerator. I threw out lots of old food and some substances that I couldn't quite identify. I made space for "good stuff" and will stock up on things that I can munch, when the munchies hit.

The good thing is that I'm not starting from zero. I'm starting from a lot farther down the road than zero. And if I could get on track last year at this time, I can jolly well get on track again this year.

Check back tomorrow and see how badly I destroyed all my progress in the last 3 weeks. Groan.  (Any bets on how much I've gained?  I'm HOPING for less than 10 lbs, but reality tells me it's going to be more...we could start a pool.)

Quote of the Day

He may live without books - what is knowledge but grieving?
He may live without hope - what is hope but deceiving?
He may live without love - what is passion but pining?
But where is the man who can live without dining?

~ Edward Bulwer-Lytton (1831-1891), 'Lucile' (1860)

Yesterday's Photo

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This is David's first birthday--
kind of reminds me of the way
I've been eating this past month!)

One Year Ago
Be It Ever So Humble
I'm not totally sure of the finer points, but basically an altar is built, with candles and things from nature. In Bolivia this would include substances that we might have been arrested for here, so bay leaves were substituted.

Two Years Ago
Having a Whale of a Time
I was determined I was NOT going to be sick and swallowed hard to keep lunch from coming up. Then suddenly lunch had a mind of its own and I "chummed the whales." I was mortified.

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