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8 February 2003

It was the fourth or fifth heaping platter to pass under my nose that evening. It started with fried mozzarella, then two enormous salads, a couple of chicken dishes, and the three plates heaped with pasta dishes.

We were at Buca de Beppo, that quirky Italian restaurant chain with every inch of the walls covered with unique "things" -- posters, photos, record covers, etc. We didn't get to sit in the "Pope Room," where all the decorations are Pope-oriented, and a large bust of the pope sits in the middle of the table. (Probably just as well--I'm sure we would have been zapped by lightning or something).

This was a terrific group of folks. The core group consisted of people who had all been part of the tech crew for The Lamplighters until they began to play in union houses and, as San Francisco is a very strong union town, non-pros can no longer schlepp scenery in and out of the theatres. But during the years when Walt was part of the team, they developed a very solid core of folks who now get together periodically for social reasons.

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Last summer we all went to one of the Giants games (my first time at the new baseball park). There are barbecues at the home of the former tech director and his wife, train rides on the personal car of one of the guys on the crew, who hooks his car up on the back of an Amtrak train for a trip up into the mountains, etc. A nice group of folks.

Tonight we were eating at Buca di Beppo which is about two blocks from where The Lamplighters were opening the latest production of Princess Ida (not one of my favorite Gilbert & Sullivan shows). Most of us were going to the show after dinner.

So the linguini with clams passed under my nose and I took a nice helping of it and passed it on. Parmesan. It would be better with Parmesan. I picked up the container of Parmesan and shook a good dose onto the mound of food...and then realized, even in the dim light, that it didn't really look like Parmesan. That's when I saw the real container of Parmesan still sitting on the table and realized that I'd just added a liberal dose of sugar to my linguini and clams.

I didn't let those around me know I'd done such a dumb thing, but just stirred it into the pasta. I have to admit it was...different. I'm not sure it's something I'll be trying again, but it wasn't as awful as it sounds.

The show was good, even if it isn't one of my favorites. It's always nice when there is something new in a show that you know so well, and this production had one outstanding actress in one of the lesser roles. After her first scene Walt and I both looked at each other and said "she's wonderful!" You couldn't keep your eyes off of her. She brought things to the role I'd never seen before--and that's saying something about a show which I've been watching for 40 years.

I bought a CD after the show was over, music that a friend of ours had recorded, and decided to put it in the CD changer in the car so we could listen to it on the way home. That's when I discovered that the CD carrier is stuck and won't eject, so it looks like we have to either take it in to be fixed or find someone who knows something about CD players who can unstick it for us. Bummer.

But now it's 2 a.m. and I'm going to head off to sleep. It had been a very busy work week, and it was nice to have the night off...even if I did pour sugar into my linguini and clams!

Quote of the Day

Pointing out the comic elements of a situation can bring  a sense of proportion and perspective to what might otherwise seem an overwhelming problem.

~ Harvey Mindess, Ph.D.

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This is St. Patrick's church in SF.  I love the contrast of the old and the new architecture.

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The wisdom of someone who works part time as a theatre critic and has problems staying awake to review a show taking an evening class where part of the class involves watching a 90 minute movie may be questioned.

Two Years Ago
Blowing in the Wind
I find I’m too restless to sit at the desk and I wander out into the darkened kitchen. I eat. I shouldn’t. I’m not hungry. But I eat anyway. I drink coffee. And the wind blows. My brain fills with thoughts and images and feelings and the wind blows. The windows and walls shake, the trees rock back and forth, and I drink more coffee.

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