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We request that you find ways to sell your product without using live animals and without implying that putting a live animal in a harmful or degrading situation is funny. If you plan to keep the duck logo, why not switch to a person in a costume? We simply ask that you do not promote your product at the expense of those who are vulnerable to human cruelty and abuse.

-- Karen Davis, President
United Poultry Concerns

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Breakfast:  Cereal with Blueberries

Lunch:  picked at leftovers

Dinner:  Off to Ned & Marta's for dinner


What else?  the Sopranos.  Finished my current stack of DVDs so am Soprano-less until the new batch arrives.


The PhotoShop book from Tom


Don't know right now, but it was 27F when we got up this morning!!   Damn cold.



27 December 2003

OK....let’s have a show of hands. How many of you had some sort of a bird for Christmas dinner. Turkey. Duck. Goose.

Was the bird dead?

Was it plucked clean of feathers?

Did you bite into it and savor every morcel?

Now let’s hear from the United Poultry Concerns (bet you didn’t know this group existed, did you?).

Seems these folks are concerned about the AFLAC duck and urge you to write to the company and insist that they stop showing ducks in "dangerous, unnatural and degrading situations."

(These people have apparently never seen a Donald Duck or a Daffy Duck cartoon.)

A letter I stumbled across on the Internet (I swear, you can find anything on the Internet) states:

On behalf of United Poultry Concerns, I am writing to express our objection to your Grand Canyon and Natural History commercials and to request that in future ads you do not place any more birds in literally or implicitly harmful situations.

Having talked with your advertising manager Al Johnson who faxed me the letter from the American Humane Association's communications manager Karen Rosa, I still don't know whether the duck(s) in those ads were physically harmed. But even if no ducks were harmed, the Grand Canyon commercial implies that the duck fell from an enormous height and landed hard. In the final shot it looks like the duck was pushed off something about 6 feet high. (Pekin ducks don't fly or jump from heights.)

I’m certain the writer of this letter has never walked through Chinatown in San Francisco. Ever seen a Pekin duck hanging in the window of a shop, its wings spread apart, hanging on what looks like a coat hanger, letting the meat dry so that it can make a lovely meal for you? (Don’t even remind me of what TV Chef Joyce Chen did to Pekin ducks!)

(I’m wondering if the writer of this letter ever concerns himself with the real plight of, say, children dying of AIDS in Africa or being blown up in the Middle East, or if he spends his time scanning the television screen looking for instances where someone night think that a bird, whom we eat every day, is being misrepresented in an ad campaign.)

For a bird placed in an unnatural and degrading situation, I submit our poor turkey. The psychiatrist gave us a 26 lb turkey this year and we had a smaller than usual group, so we didn’t even make a dent in half of the bird. And what was carved wasn’t all consumed, so the main bird went into the fridge in the garage and the carved meat into containers in the fridge in the house.

Today I had Walt bring in the bird carcass and I was going to strip it and get the bones ready for soup making. The only problem was that since I last tackled this job there’s been this little business of a dislocated shoulder and I discovered I can’t hack away at a turkey carcass the way I used to.

Not only that but my staying power was significantly shorter as well. So I’d saw and hack and pull and yank and, since I was doing this while watching The Sopranos (now nearly finished with the 2nd season), my work was liberally peppered with uses of the "f-word."

It’s just damned inconvenient that I can’t move like I used to. My mother, who dislocated her shoulder two years ago, finally confessed that she still doesn’t have full use of her arm back again. Swell.

So what I did to this bird would not, I’m sure, have been sanctioned by United Poultry Concerns, and what I have is not stacks of nicely sliced pieces of turkey meat, but hunks of meat pulled from the bones, and a carcass that I used to tear into soup-pot sized pieces easily, but which I will now have to direct Walt or Jeri to tear apart for me.

But I definitely have enough turkey to keep us going for a good long time



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