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15 September 2003

The sun was up when we went to run the dogs this morning. Instead of grey skies and leftover rain on the ground, what greeted us was a glorious field with sun shining through the mist onto the grass. Each day at the park is a new adventure.

There were no roos this morning, but the weather conditions had awakened the spiders. The whole bush looked like jack frost had come along decorating all the shrubbery with glistening snowflakes...but it was just the sun shining off the dewdrops on the spider webs. We had a good time playing with our new toys and taking pictures of a lot of them.

(these photos were actually taken by Peggy)

It seems that each day is a new day of discovery down at the bush, from the big ones like the roos to the smallest ones like this little creature, or the spider webs, or a fungus, or watching the tiny flowers open up, a little more each day, now that the sun is coming out. I wonder if I'd ever lose the awe of seeing the new little things each morning...or the sight of Chippa running full tilt through the bush, the picture of total joy.

Since our original plan had been to be on the road headed north this morning, we were left without any real plan for the day, but there was work to be done getting things ready to leave tomorrow. Peggy did most of it, with me filling in either where I felt I could, or where she felt I could safely be trusted not to screw up too much.

I'm discovering that hanging clothes on the clothesline is great physical therapy. It gets my arm up in the stretched upright position several times and that, combined with Motrin, which I've started taking again, just because it helps get over those little glitches, have really started to noticeably improve my shoulder.

We also made a quick run to a vacuum cleaner store to get a new belt for the turbo-charged vacuum cleaner (if I ever used one like that the thing would keel over in a faint. I look at how much was sucked up out of this spotless house and I don't even want to think about what is imbedded in my carpets in Davis!)

Then Peggy got a bee in her bonnet about making little carry bags for our new little cameras, so we stopped at a fabric store to get material and this evening she made pouches for herself, for me, and for Chris.

We are now three little bags with bags.

I told her they remind me of something a Hobbit would carry with him on a great adventure, so I suppose that we are ready for our own walkabout (or, more accurately, rideabout) tomorrow, our trusty Hobbit pouches at our sides, ever at the ready.

That and some suitcases, a travel kit for coffee, several more cameras, a supply of batteries, a battery charger, a laptop, memory sticks and smartmemory cards, software, drivers, e-mail lists, temporary internet connection, optical mouse and a few other things I've probably forgotten.

Little hobbits didn't have the internet to worry about.

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