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9 September 2003

It was deja vu all over again. She was down on her hands and knees, fiddling with one of her expensive cameras, trying to get the right shot. I was standing nearby taking a picture of her down on her hands and knees, fiddling with one of her expensive cameras, trying to get the right shot.

Thelma and Louise have hit the road again for a sequel.

We both woke up early this morning. I woke up at 2:30 and heard Peggy coughing, so I tried to be very quiet and not wake her, but I couldn't get back to sleep, so I eventually snuck into the computer room, hoping that she was actually sleeping and that I wouldn't bother her. Next thing I know, she'd come in too and so by 3:30 the two of us were sitting here, back to back, on our respective computers. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

Eventually the dogs, Keno and Chippa, realized that there was movement in the house and so they figured it must be time for a walk. And so by 6:15 or so, we were down at the park I've heard so much about and the dogs were off in search of kangaroos.

It's a lovely nicely manicured park that butts up against a fence which leads to the bush--wild and untamed and the perfect place for a dog to go exploring, or a roo to run around. We watched the sun come up and did see a couple of roos off in the distance, but the dogs didn't notice them. However, there was a rabbit that raced across our path, with Chippa in hot pursuit. The rabbits had apparently been busy the previous nights, since there were rabbit holes everywhere, which Peggy filled as she came to them, fearing one of the dogs might step in one (or her clumsy houseguest, for that matter!)

I loved the morning ritual, which will take place every morning that we are home. The sights...the sounds...the wildlife, all new for me. Lots of bird songs, but birds I hadn't heard before. That was the best part. I will eventually get some pictures, when opportunity presents itself.

Over breakfast (there is a whole entry coming up about eating here!), we tried to decide what to do. The weather was iffy--"showers" were predicted, but it had "showered" around 5 a.m., so we hoped that they were over for the day. We could go into Kings Park, or could go walk around Freemantle. The zoo was looking like a winner for the day until Peggy suggested we could go see some tulips. We decided on the tulips and headed for Araluen Botanical Gardens, 35 km southeast of Perth. It was a lovely way to spend the day.

The setting made me think of a Merchant & Ivory period film, updated to modern times. Sweeping grassy areas, brilliant colored flowers, people walking around sedately, carrying cameras, pushing strollers or wheelchairs. You expected parasoles. There were no parasoles. In the background a guy whose sign identified himself as "pianist, composer and therapist" was playing background music on an electrified organ.

We immediately fell into our familiar pattern. She took close-ups. I took pictures of her taking close-ups. We argued good-naturedly about who was taking the better photos. I ran into things. She laughed at me or rolled her eyes. Three years had faded away and we were back in form again. I loved it.

We ate nutritious food. On the ride down we had biscuits (cookies)...the good thing was they were Weight Watcher cookies, so sort-of ok. For lunch we each had a container of chips (french fries), and at the end of the several hours in the park, we stopped for a "flake" (soft ice cream, topped with chocolate, with a log of Cadbury chocolate stuck in it) and a "coke spider" (coke float).

The park is just gorgeous. All the tulips were in bloom and the place is ablaze with color. It can't rival the tulip festival outside Seattle, but in its own way is just as impressive. There are groomed beds, and discoveries everywhere you look. There are several waterfalls and bridges, and a cute little motorized train/tram that will drive you around the grounds if you don't want to walk. I'm a jock; we walked.

We eventually had seen it all and photographed most of it, we'd eaten our share of junk food, and the early morning waking was hitting both of us--especially the driver--so we decided to call it a day. Now the driver is taking a nap, and I'm waiting for her to wake up so we can share photos and see who has the "photo of the day." (I'm sure it must be decide...let us know what you think.)

Tulip Photo

Waterfall Photo

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