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30 August 2003

With only 8 days to go, my days seem to be slowing down while I stand around thinking...thinking...thinking...wondering what I've forgotten.

Yesterday I checked the movie listings in Perth and the scheduled release dates for various movies and discovered that Seabiscuit is not going to be there while I'm there, so I wanted to be sure to catch it before it leaves town. We went to the late, late show last night.

How I love that I'm not working and am no longer sleep deprived! Didn't nod off at all (I used to be able to nod off in the most engrossing of shows, just because it was a dark room and I hadn't had enough sleep for weeks). It was a great movie.

I'm very glad that I read the book first, though. The focus of the movie has to be on the horse's racing career, so they shave off the stories of the three principals involved (and pretty much gift short shrift to the fourth, jockey George Wolff). You get the essence of the book and it touches on the period of the Depression, but the story remains solidly focused on the horse himself. If you've seen the movie...go read the book. You won't regret it. The book also takes the reader through the end of Seabiscuit's life and you get the follow up on what happened to his trainer and his jockeys (not nearly as triumphant as the movie would suggest!)

Today began with the usual assessment of How The Knee Is Doing Today. Did it weather its 15 minutes on the exercise bike yesterday? YES!!! In fact, I went for 20 today. It's very definitely improving daily, as is the arm, which feels so good that I sometimes forget that I don't have full mobility any more.

I also had a telephone call from Olivia, trying to give me some suggestions for how to spend my 8 hours in Singapore. We started looking, at our respective computers, at web sites with information about the Singapore airport. Have I chosen the right time to travel or what!!!

On August 26...just four days ago...the Singapore airport opened "the Rainforest lounge," where, if publicity is to be believed, passengers can now enjoy a range of relaxing massages, a Jacuzzi and a refreshing shower while waiting for planes.

Rainforest by SATS is a walk-in sanctuary offering a place for transit passengers to rejuvenate themselves in an environment resembling a tropical rainforest. The 650 sqm lounge, which has soothing water features and a rainforest `canopy,' is open 24 hours a day for all travellers, irrespective of travelling class.

It offers 63 comfortable seats with a snacks corner, a fully equipped business centre, a bar, a shower area with 20 cubicles, a gymnasium with the latest equipment, a massage area and slumberettes for passengers who want to sleep in privacy in between flights.

Hey...not too shabby. The operative words in the release are "open 24 hours a day for all travellers, irrespective of travelling class." I'm there, baby. Somewhere else it said that the airport offers "free Internet access." It does not, however, state whether that's free access if you have your own computer, or if there are computer stations. I'm thinking it would be a real kick to do a web page at 3 a.m. from Singapore! Keep watching and we'll all find out together.

Today's "last minute preparations" included making a deposit in my bank account and doing some shopping at the supermarket (toiletries to take in my back pack). I ran into Dr. G while there. He had no request to make of me, so the brief exchange was cordial.

I spent some time going through recordings by Preoccupied Pipers so I could put together a CD to take in my new CD player. Preoccupied Pipers is a conglomeration of the talents of a lot of people who were either in Lawsuit, or who were Lawsuit fans or friends or techies. They record music at TimberTrout studios (owned and operated by K.C. Bowman, formerly of Lawsuit) and put out a CD each year. Sometimes they produce really great stuff. Other times you get things like "bubble wrap," which is a song about dog poo. (Yes, really). I wanted to take a compilation of some of my favorites and so got that put together this afternoon.

I also put the very last things (except for one pair of shoes which I'm wearing on Sunday) in the suitcase. Then I tried to double check on my luggage allotment. Normally this is absolutely NO problem for me, because I pack so light. But I'm not packing light this time (this is the first time I've gone away for six weeks). The rules as printed by Singapore Air are a little confusing and I can check either something weighing 44 lbs or 70 lbs (it makes a difference!), depending on how I interpret the rules. I don't expect coming back to be as much of a problem because I'll probably do what Peggy did--leave her some boxes of my clothes to send back for me so I don't have to pack them.

My scale is difficult to read for weighing a suitcase, but near as I can figure it's more than 44 but less than 70, so I'm either going to have to pay an extra fee or I'm right within the limits.

Tonight I'm going to the Woodland Opera House to review "Rainmaker," the first play of the new season. The nice thing is that the review doesn't have to be in until Tuesday morning, because of the holiday weekend. I might actually have a feeling of a "holiday."

I'm a bazongabooster.gif (5125 bytes) are you?


It is good to have an end to journey towards, but it is the journey that matters in the end.

~ Ursula K. LeGuin

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The Woodland Opera House

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