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27 August 2003

Well, I didn't exactly quit, but I've gone on hiatus. It's time to re-up for another 10 meetings at WeightWatchers and, since I'm leaving in 11 days, I decided to just go on hiatus now, so I'm removing the weight chart at the bottom of the page until I get back.

While I didn't exactly go out on a high (or low), at least I recorded another pound loss, making it 67 total since I started this. I suspect that with Peggy's more restrained eating habits, and our inevitably more active lifestye, I won't be packing on the pounds in my absence. It will be interesting to see where I am when I get back.

I am leaving just as WeightWatchers is starting its newest plan, "Flex Points," which is similar to what we've been doing all along but perhaps a bit easier to follow. My first hint of it was in WeightWatchers magazine and it seemed more complicated, but what makes it easier is all the documentation that goes along with it--the journal that you keep to follow the program.

I respond well to crutches and this looks like a good new crutch, though I don't know how dedicated I'll be while I'm away. We'll see.

Today was a good day. I am aware that my knee is starting to change. It's still a long way from "normal" but it bends better now. I did 5 minutes on the exercise bike yesterday and then dutifully iced the knee. Today it felt good enough to go for 15 minutes. That was the longest I've ridden the bike since the accident and I felt very much encouraged by the fact that it didn't seem to immediately affect the tightness in my knee. Maybe I'll bike again some day after all!

Tomorrow is my next Physical Therapy appointment (my last before I return from Australia). The stretching part of the arm recovery is doing very well. It almost goes straight up when I raise it and I use it almost normally when lifting things or putting things away (though for really high things, like hanging pots and pans overhead, I still use my right hand). I am aware that it's an effort to get to the highest shelves, or to lift anything over my head (like putting dishes in the cupboard), but it's very definitely a vast improvement.

The hard movement is getting the hand behind my back--the "bra fastening" position. I can do it and I can even unhook my bra from the back, if I lower it to waist level. I can't quite hook the bra up behind my back, but it will get there.

I think it's all just a question of keeping at the physical therapy, stretching those muscles and keeping them stretched. I discover when I don't do the exercises enough on one day, it's more difficult the next day. This is no stretch once and then it will stay stretched. It's a daily thing. I don't know how long it's going to be a daily thing, but my mother, a year after her own shoulder dislocation, still admits to twinges from time to time.

Dr. G helpfully tells me that I have now set myself up for artiritis problems later in life. Somehow I knew that, but I don't think I wanted to have it confirmed. Surprise me. :)

One thing this all has done, and who knows if this is a permanent thing or not, is to make me semi-ambidexterous. I've always been totally left sided, but I've had to learn to do things with my right hand. It surprised me the other day that when I was at lunch with a friend, I just automatically picked up my fork in my first hand and started eating.

It's like being back in first grade again and having the teacher tell you you must use your right hand!

But as strength returns to my left arm, I am using it more and more, though I think it's going to be some months before I'm engaging in any arm wrestling competitions.

For now, however, it's time to take my first extended "vacation" in two years, without focusing on the diet or exercise or any of the usual things. We can all use a change of pace now and then to revitalize the engines.

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We can become dry and tired just existing, instead of really living.  We need to remind ourselves of the juice of life, and make that a habit.  Find those places inside that jump for joy, and do things that bring out your best, most magic self.  Keep doing them!

~ Sark, Inspiration Sandwich

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