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13 August 2003

WeightWatchers offers you the chance to take a "pass" on weigh-in, if you don't want to be weighed on a specific week. I took that option today. My weight is up a bit--my home scale tells me--but I just didn't want to know how much.

However, I still attended the meeting. I needed to reassurance, the support, and information on the new eating plan that is being announced this month. (We actually won't get information on it for a couple of weeks, I learned, though the basics were printed in this month's WeightWatchers Magazine, which I received yesterday).

Our usual leader was on vacation, so we had a substitute and I was very impressed with her. I really like our usual leader, but she's not the most dynamic speaker, and she spends too much time talking about herself. I thought that the lack of response she got from the group was just because we have a shy group.

However, the substitute today, who is new to this WeightWatchers meeting leading, was terrific and she had everybody in the group participating. It was the most dynamic meeting I'd been to since I joined WeightWatchers (well, except for two meetings I went to in Sacramento a few months back).

I found I got a lot of great feeling of support from hearing everybody participating. The subject was snacking and what are people's danger times and danger foods and how do you get around those. That hasn't been my real problem this week--more being in the wrong place for the wrong meal and lacking self control. But hearing people talk about getting around the peanut butter cravings, the crackers and chips crazes, where to find great substitute foods, and all that good stuff that you get in a support group was very good, and very inspiring.

There were also lots of suggestions on how to get more fluid into your daily diet. Now this one makes me angry. At ME, not at anybody else. I'm a huge water drinker and I really don't much like other beverages. At the baseball game, I had a diet coke, mostly because they didn't sell water at the stand where we waited in line to get the fries and sausage and the game was starting soon. I very occasionally drink diet coke with meals (never by itself), so that was OK. And Diet Coke is no points, of course. The meeting also talked about watering juice with seltzer to get the flavor, but not the calories and a few other things.

Why am I forgetting to drink water???

I still drink more than most people and usually drink three 8+ oz of water at dinner at at least 2 at lunch, but it was just a couple of weeks ago when I was drinking 8 bottles of water a day, leaving the empties for Walt to refill and put back in the fridge (because at that time I couldn't hold the weight of the bottle in my hand, and couldn't operate two handed to get the water out of our water cooler). That's what I need to work on in the coming week--remembering to drink more water, and drinking water half an hour before a meal so my stomach is already a bit full when I sit down to eat.

I only have two more WeightWatchers meetings to go to, I think, before I leave for Australia (oh that sounds so nice...) and then I'm going on a WeightWatchers hiatus, so I'd best get the most I can out of the organization while I have it, and get a refresher on zeal before I walk away for 6 weeks.

In other news, yes, I live in California, and if you think you're sick of hearing about our current governor mess on nation-wide news and talk shows, think about how we are here where it is all-governor all-the-time. Or more specifically, all-Arnold all the time. Arnold is getting all the buzz and answering not a single specific question.

I've been very smug about going off and leaving this mess for everyone else to work out, since I won't be here for the voting, and the absentee ballots don't come out until after I leave, but I decided that this is an historic vote and how often do you get the chance to choose from among 248 candidates for one office?

So I contacted our registrar of voters and they will send my ballot to Perth, so assuming we are even in town to collect mail and I have time to get my ballot back to California in time, I will have the chance to cast my vote after all.

It won't be for Arnold.


Hasta la vista, Baby.

~ Arnold  (I'm already sick of hearing that!)

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