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6 August 2003

I was disappointed when I got up this morning and weighed myself before going to WeightWatchers. It didn't look like I'd lost anything. I had hoped for something dramatic, especially since I'd been really faithful even with the weekend in LA, and eating in restaurants for every meal. But my scale never agrees with the WeightWatchers scale (it's off by at least 8 lbs--my scale weighing lower...I like my scale better!), so I hoped that maybe the WeightWatchers scale would show something different.

But, alas, no. No loss. In fact, a 0.2 lb gain. As my daughter pointed out, 0.2 lb is negligible and could be explained by urine in my bladder, or needing a haircut, or different clothes from last week. So I'm not bothered by 0.2 lbs, I'm just disappointed that it wasn't a loss.

I'm sure it was the potatoes and the grease at The Pantry, even though that was the only meal I ate that day. That's the last time I take my father's recommendation, even if he has been dead for 15 years.

But it's now a new week. Onward and, I hope, downward.

The reason why it's good to stay for meetings. I was sitting there feeling all grumpy because I'd hoped to be closer to that 10 lb loss limit I'd set for myself for by the time I leave for Australia (in 36 days) when someone in the group was being congratulated for having hit 25 lbs lost. She stood up and said that she'd been stuck in one place for several weeks and had expected the scale to say the same thing again and was pleasantly surprised by her loss.

Maybe next week that will be me being pleasantly surprised.

So the big news from today isn't "look how much I lost this week!" but there is big news: I DROVE THE CAR TODAY!!!

I actually was going to drive yesterday, but Walt needed the car, so I didn't try it. But I decided today was the day. I needed to get to WeightWatchers (to which I've been walking for several weeks, so it's not that I had no way to get there), and from there to Dr. G's office to pick up a CD and perhaps stop at the supermarket to make a bank deposit and to get some food. To do all that, I needed wheels.

Piece o'cake. I don't know why I've waited for 2 weeks before doing it. I should have been able to drive right out of the immobilizer. The only problem I had was making a sharp right turn into the parking lot of the mall, forgetting that my left arm didn't work as well as the right and turning it a bit too sharply. But I learned that lesson real quick.

All in all, driving may have been a good exercise for the arm.

The CD I was picking up for Dr. G was of photos of his house in Bali. He was in Bali many years ago, long before it became a vacation paradise (or a terrorist target). He took a year off from practicing medicine and he built himself a house there (with his own hands, and the assistance of a local doctor, with whom he shares ownership of the house).

He goes to Bali once or twice a year to vacation and he rents it out to vacationers throughout the year (there is a local couple who live on the grounds and act as "staff" when people come to visit--they even cook all the meals, and the rental price is dirt cheap for what people get).

Anyway, he wants to hire me to design a web page for the Bali house, which will be a fun thing to do (and I control the cost of the design!). When I moved the photos of the place to CD so I could take it to the office, I removed them all from my hard drive, so I needed to go borrow the CD back again.

Now I have a nice creative project to work on for the next few days and I'm looking forward to doing a bang-up job on it.

It should keep me from eating and maybe I'll be "pleasantly surprised" at my next weigh-in.


We must accept finite disappointment, but we must never lose infinite hope.

~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Dr. G's Bali House

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