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27 April 2003

When job stress gets to you, take my advice….hop a plane and head for…Houston?

Yes, that’s where I am. Houston, Texas. (Shhh...don't tell Dr. G!)

Have I come for a week R&R? No. Two days. What idiot flies off to Houston for two days. Me, that’s who.

This trip grew out of an invitation to get together with some friends who were all going to be in town at the same time and I threw caution to the wind and decided to join the fun. But I came a day early so I could spend some time with my friend Lynn.

There was a time when I wondered if I’d survive just getting ready to go. I mean—how hard can it be to just pack a bag for a couple of days?

Well, since I have now become someone who actually owns more than two outfits and one pair of shoes, it meant first of all that some “decisions” had to be made about what to wear. In the past, I’d just throw the two things I lived in all the time in a bag and go. No need to pack shoes because I only owned one pair.

But now I have a closet full of clothes. IRONED clothes (yes, I’ve even started ironing). I also have several pairs of shoes. I even have shoes that coordinate with outfits. My god, I’m starting to sound “normal.”

With all the work stress of the past few days, it somehow became more than I could handle, just trying to decide what to pack for two days in Houston. But time constraints finally got to me and by 12:30, I had finally put some stuff in a bag, some other stuff in my new backpack, and I was ready to go. The plane left at 6:30 and with all the new security precautions, I didn’t know how long it would take to get to the plane itself, so we left at 4 a.m. Not surprisingly, I had plenty of time—but better safe than sorry.

Why didn’t anybody tell me that it’s ridiculous to carry a purse and a camera when if you have a big enough back pack you can take it all and have your hands free? It was GREAT. Camera, jacket, reading material, and extraneous things in the backpack; ticket, wallet in the fanny pack and I was feeling better about getting on the plane than I have in years.

And I loved Continental airlines. They served breakfast. You know…like real food? The kind all airlines used to serve and we joked about because it was so bad. Now we’re lucky if we get a handful of peanuts. But this was breakfast: cereal, banana, and something which looked frighteningly like a donut, but was a cinnamon roll (which is just a donut rolled into a spiral with cinnamon on it—but technically speaking, I still have not eaten a donut.)

The weather in Houston is very pleasant—warm so that no jacket is needed, cool so that no air conditioner is needed. Lynn and I spent the day doing girlie stuff—lunching, shopping, and talking-talking-talking. How I’ve missed that!

We sat out on the deck of her house, overlooking the bayou and the neighbor’s goats, until her husband came home, then we went out to a tex mex place for dinner.

They had put me in their HUGE master bedroom, with more room than my living room, a beautiful brass bed, and a tub with a jacuzzi…but I chose to sit here in a little kids room on the porch, because that’s where the computer is. See how much I love you?

Quote of the Day

Beyond the clouds, behind the rain, on the other side of our yesterdays, there are a thousand rainbows.

~ Flavia

Today's Photo

Lynn and I several years ago, during the peak of wildflower season outside Houston

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