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24 April 2003

I feel like I've been rode hard and put away wet--and the night is still young.

Rather than be clever and witty and original, I'm just going to detail my day today. It started at 3:30 a.m. when I got up to work on the chapter of Dr. G's book that he says he needs to have before I fly off to Houston Friday morning.

I typed on the book until 6, when I got into biking duds and did my usual 8 miles with Cindy. This is our last ride for about 2 months because she's having surgery on her knee tomorrow and there will be some recuperation time before she can pedal again.

Got home as Walt was leaving for work. I fixed myself some oatmeal and typed on the book again until 10:30.

At 10:30 I had only finished about half the chapter, but there were speculums to wash at the office, so I went down and got them all soaking in a bleach solution, which they need to do for 30 minutes. While they were soaking, I did my 30 minute workout at Curves, at the end of which I had a conference with the owner. We're (Dr. G's wife and I) working out a deal where he gives classes at night to Curves clients and they give our patients a discount for joining and everybody is happy.

I had forgotten to bring good shoes with me, so walked back to the office, turned on the sterilizing oven to warm up and drove home to change clothes for work (noting that the top I put on is somewhat loose...last time I wore it it was somewhat tight).

Back to the office to scrub speculums, then walk back down to Curves to drop off brochures and go to Longs to get new keys made for the office, since our new rad tech was starting today (the one who is replacing the infamous "T").

We didn't have all that many patients this afternoon, but they all required a lot of my attention, with two having Pap smears (which means paperwork to fill out for the lab), one having a cryosurgery (freezing the cervix) and one with a whole list of calls that had to be made on her behalf. These were back to back patients so I'd no sooner get started working on one than I'd have another one to deal with, while Dr. G pointed out that the outbox of work for me was getting taller--and that my desk was still pretty messy. He also decided that he remembered how nice it was when he was in Scotland and they used to serve him tea at 4 p.m.--even stopping surgery for a tea break--and so he was going to ask me to start serving him tea at 4 (oh I can hardly wait to hear Olivia's response to that).

The guy came to train the new rad tech and it turns out that he has had a run-in with T. When we compared stories, she'd told him the same tales--the hospital that was going to FAX her license, it was packed in a box somewhere, a hospitalization (only she told them it was her son; she told us it was herself), etc., etc. He had the added information that she'd actually worked with one of their techs for one day and the report was "she doesn't know anything." Amazingly, she called the office two days ago wanting to know if she was going to be paid for her last week working for us. I told her no.

The afternoon is kind of a blur and too complicated to explain, but it involved many more heaps of either paper work or verbal work and by 6 p.m., when training was winding down for the new rad tech I was literally paralyzed by inability to know where to even start.

But it didn't matter, because I couldn't stay any longer anyway. I had to rush home, cook dinner and get us on the road by 7 because I had to review Les Miserables. So it is now midnight, I've just returned from the  theatre. I have to write the review before I go to sleep, and Dr. G is expecting the rest of his chapter tomorrow--another 2 hours worth of transcription, at least. Our first patient tomorrow is 9 a.m.

Finishing this journal entry (which I began before we went to the show) is what I'm doing as a quick writing exercise to clear the cobwebs so I can start writing the review.

Quote of the Day

Stress is the spice of life.

~ Hans Selyee

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