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14 April 2003

eyes.JPG (59766 bytes)I love digital cameras.

I love zoom lenses.

I love digital cameras with zoom lenses.

As a lifelong photographer who craves instant gratification, was there ever a better combination?

One of the things I love photographing most of all is babies. Any age, but especially around 6 months to 2 years. They have those big eyes, that clear skin, and with a zoom lens, you can catch them unaware (if you're quick and lucky enough).   (I loved this kid's eyes, by the way.  I don't have a clue who he is, but every picture I took of him looked like this--those huge, shinining eyes.)

So today was a dream for me. We went to the first birthday party of our Malaysian son Vince's twins, Alyssa and Colin. We last saw the twins when they were about a month old, so needless to say they've grown a lot since then.

twins.JPG (69823 bytes)

It was the perfect kind of party for me. I knew almost nobody there, so nobody expected me to make small talk, and there were several babies, none of whom I knew (that included the guests of honor!). So I was free to just find myself a corner or two or three and just aim the camera and shoot. I had a great time.

girlsmile.JPG (93669 bytes)The parents stood around drinking wine and eating pizza while the kids had a bunch of activities to do.  This little girl, for example, had a good time with play doh.   It's great when you find kids engaged in creative play, when they're unaware that you're around--and with a 10X zoom, it's easy to be far enough away that you can get a shot like this without the child being aware that you're even there.

vince.JPG (63905 bytes)We did have the chance to visit with a couple of people we know.  Among them were Vince's parents, who are now retired and who came here from Malaysia several months ago so they could spend time with their grandchildren while they were still babies.  They'll be here another couple of months and we hope to see them again.  (They've also invited us to come and visit Malaysia when/if Walt retires.)

Vince's father, a civil engineer who got his PhD here in Davis, gave us an interesting history of Singapore politics and just how the city runs--talking about how the form of government will help in eradicating SARS before I fly off to Australia (and spend 8 hrs in the Singapore airport!).  That was reassuring.  (Did you know gum chewing was against the law in Singapore?)

We weren't able to stay long enough to watch the twins enjoy their birthday cake--another wonderful photo op--because I had to go to review a show.  But it was good to see the twins again, to have a brief visit with Vince and his parents, and to get the chance to put the camera to good use.  Again.

Quote of the Day

It is not economical to go to bed early to save the candles if the result is twins.

~ Chinese Proverb

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