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6 April 2003

I mentioned yesterday that I was all jazzed at the end of the day, until my run-in with the phone company.

Around here we get these little coupon books every quarter or so, with special offers for food, clothing, auto lube jobs and other things. I usually toss the books out because they rarely contain anything which I think I might actually use.

Amazing how my lifestyle change has altered the way I look at the coupon books. Suddenly I discover that there are coupons for percentages off on biking supplies and servicing, for exercise shoes, and for just about every gym in town. I couldn't believe how my eyes lit up when I saw that I could get a 75% discount on joining the Davis Athletic Club.

This is the place where just about every health conscious person I know in town goes to work out- -the place I've been avoiding like the plague, figuring it was the epitome of everything that I'd been shunning in gyms from birth. Now that I've become accustomed to jiggling in public, I found I was no longer afraid of checking into it and actually kind of excited at the prospect of maybe joining.

Oh heck, even before I went there, I knew I was going to join. But I went for a tour anyway.

Oh my. It's like going from hot dogs to filet mignon. Not quite as extensive as the club in Seattle that Mary took me to, but still head, shoulders and even waist above the little club I've grown so fond of (which has now permanently changed its hours, making it impossible for me to go there any more). a whole row of treadmills--no waiting, no time limit (and our next door neighbor on the first treadmill I encountered)...classes...a free personal trainer...two (count 'em) two swimming pools, etc., etc., etc. One of the women at WeightWatchers told me last week I'd "love spinning," and there is a beginning spinning class (that's fast stationary bicycle riding, for those who aren't familiar with the term.) Cindy's been trying to get me to take a yoga class with her there, so there was that option too.

I signed up immediately, but didn't have time to start working out yesterday. Still, I came home on a real high, excited about the prospects. Is this the me I've grown up with for 60 years? Not only committing myself to $100/month worth of exercise ($40 for Curves, $60 for DAC), but excited about it??? That plus $40 a month for WeightWatchers and I'm spending a considerable sum for improved physical and mental health. I'm going to be pretty upset if I end up getting hit by a bus, now, with all this good blood surging through these veins!

So this morning I was up at the crack of dawn and down to the office to get things ready for our first bone density exam day...the day I had to confront my feet fetish. Dr. G came in for the first 45 minutes, so I left him alone with the room full of patients and I went down to do my 30 minutes at Curves (since it would have closed down by the time we finished with the exams).

By the time I got back, he was ready to leave for his tennis game, so I took over. To my astonishment, it wasn't bad. Somehow all that distaste I've had for years about touching people's feet wasn't there. I did about 8 different exams and had no problem at all. Again--a me I don't know.

When I got the exams finished and the office straightened up again, I drove over to the DAC for my first session there. I didn't want to spend a lot of time, but I did want to get started. All I did was work on the treadmill, but with the newer equipment (on which my shoes don't slip like they did at the other club), I was able to increase my speed significantly, and at a higher incline, so I did a pretty good workout and was nice and sweaty when I finished.

This experience was different. For one thing, you face a mirror--and if there's nothing to make you feel like working harder than watching your own jiggling flesh compared to the taut youthful flesh of the person jogging (not walking) on the machine next to you, I don't know what is. Also, there are 3 TVs on, so I didn't have to miss a single minute of the bombing of Baghdad. Oh joy, oh rapture.

I didn't do anything except the treadmill, but I did sign up to meet with a personal trainer next week and I figure I can work out a routine that way. The membership comes with two one-hour free sessions and that should get me on my way very nicely, thank you!

When I left the club, I came home, fixed myself a nice, healthy lunch and then went on a five mile bike ride with my camera.

So, lessee...this week I didn't miss a single day of Curves, I signed up and began working out at a "normal" gym, took several bike rides, and I handled lots of bare feet -- without gloves.

Yes, I'm sure that this isn't really me, but is a changeling. Whoever took off with the real me, I'm letting you know right now--you can keep her. I like this me a whole lot better.

Quote of the Day

Of course life is bizarre, the more bizarre it gets, the more interesting it is. The only way to approach it is to make yourself some popcorn and enjoy the show.

~ David Gerrold

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