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19 September 2002

"Sure you can take the car," I said blythly to Walt.

It would be no problem. Now that I'm a jockette, I could bike to work and the "whose turn is it to drive the car?" question didn't really matter. In fact, some days the car sits here alone while both of us bike.

But Walt was going to San Francisco to the symphony tonight. We have had season tickets for several years, but when I went to work for Dr. G and started having to work uncertain hours, and frequently until 6 or 7 p.m., we were "donating" my ticket more often than I was using it and Walt finally agreed not to buy a season ticket for me this year.

It wasn't until I was whizzing along the bikepath with Cindy at 5 a.m. this morning that I realized I had to review The Vagina Monologues (again) in Sacramento that same night.

When I saw that Vagina Monologues was coming to town, I contacted my editor and asked if I could review it--and almost in the same e-mail he got a notice from the producers that they were inviting reviewers to come, so Derrick said yes, I could definitely review it.

Walt and I saw it in London and, quite frankly, it was more fun going to see it here in Davis with my friend RoseMarie. To see a show about vaginas, it helps to have a companion who also has one.

I immediately wrote to RoseMarie to ask if she wanted to come with me (since we'd gotten the time wrong when we saw it here in Davis and missed the first act). But she had a meeting to attend, so was unable to come with me.

Instead I wrote to my friend Kathleen, the president of PFLAG to ask if she wanted to join me. But she, also, had other plans.

Next I tried Lynn, a nurse pratitioner with whom I'd worked for several years. She had invited me to attend a somewhat similar show a couple of years ago and I knew that this show would be perfect for her. Only she has a book club meeting to attend.

Then I wrote to Dr. Lynne, another person with whom I'd worked and whom I ran into accidentally recently at Dinner at the Dump. But Lynne is on call at the hospital and can't come either.

It's apparently hard to get a date in Davis, and it was becoming clear that I would have no car to get to the theatre. I asked Walt if David's old Toyota was safe on the freeway. He assured me It would be OK--I just had to remember that sometimes the brakes don't work and if they don't, I should use the hand brake. Swell. (Also, its top speed is about 55 mph, which really irritates other drivers on the road!)

I sent off one last e-mail, this one to Ellen & Shelly, asking if either of them wanted to come with me, but they never answered. I didn't want to invite someone else until I knew for sure that they weren't interested (I thought of inviting Dr. G's wife, for example).

Finally, I called Ellen and found out they hadn't read their e-mail yet today. Not only had they not read their e-mail, but they were just sitting there that very minute talking about getting extra tickets to The Vagina Monologues because they already had two tickets and since Ellen's brother and his wife were visiting, they thought they would enjoy the show as well.

So it all worked. They drove me to the show, I let the brother and sister-in-law take the "good" seats, we all saw the show, and I had the benefit of everyone's opinion on the ride home which, I hope, will make writing the review go a bit faster.

As for the show....well...let me say that if you've never seen a triple orgasm acted out on stage, I urge you to check out this show as it tours around the country. Leaves Meg Ryan in the dust!

Quote of the Day

I was worried about vaginas. I was worried about what we think about vaginas, and even more worried that we don't think about them. . . . So I decided to talk to women about their vaginas, to do vagina interviews, which became vagina monologues.... At first women were reluctant to talk. They were a little shy. But once they got going, you couldn't stop them.

---Eve Ensler

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"The Grey Line"
Georgia O'Keefe



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